Monday, October 3, 2011

Fw: Onsa mana, oi?!

Hello!  :D

Things have been... interesting...

After Elder Swainson left on Sunday, things were pretty gloomy around the apartment, since it was just Elder Morris and I, but I kept thinking, "Well, at least I'm still in Paranaque 4th Ward," which I've grown pretty close to.  They're really fun.  ... But then that got taken away, too.. ;P  Monday night, after I emailed, President Stucki called us and told us we would both be training (which we kinda saw coming), but then he told us that he wanted us to switch areas, and have me work in Bicutan, while E. Morris would work in P-Que 4th.  I was like, ... D:  "But I don't wanna..."  We then spent Tuesday and Wednesday going around and showing E. Morris where all the members live and saying goodbye to them and taking pictures and stuff.  I'll miss them a lot.

So now I'm in Bicutan, still within the Paranaque Zone (we didn't even bother switching rooms in the apartment or anything.  It would've been too much trouble).  I've now worked in almost every area in the zone that you can work in (the other two are sisters areas).  I'm just missing P-Que 1st and P-Que 3rd.  ;P  Things have actually improved quite a bit since we got our new anaks.  I'm training Elder Ranoco, from Tagum City, Davao, and E. Morris is training Elder Tabal, from Cebu.  They're both pretty cool.  Elder Ranoco is really humble, and so far, really fun to work with.  He speaks Bisaya (which is similar to Cebuano), and has taught me a few words, such as "Onsa mana, oi?!"  (which approximately translates to "What the heck is that?!").  :D  The Bicutan members are cool, too.  Their chapel is TINY.  We're trying to fit about 140 to 150 members into a chapel that's built for 60.  :P  And it's almost literally hidden inside a maze.  o.o  Shotgun training (training a new missionary in an unfamiliar area), which is usually a very difficult task, has been made a little bit easier by the fact that the ward missionaries in this ward are really active, especially Bro. Junsel (it's kinda funny, because his name sounds kinda like 'Jones'... 'Jonesel'...), and they've been showing us around the area so we don't get lost.  ^^''  Which is good, because Bicutan is another maze, not unlike my first area, and there are a number of Muslim regions in our area, such as Maharlika Village, the kinds that if you end up wandering through, or worse, tracting through, there's a risk of getting shot.  :D  So it's good to have someone with us.  ^^''  A few of the members already know me, from stake events and from family home evenings with Sister Eadimay, which she invited her relatives from Bicutan to.

We went to Tagaytay again this morning.  It was fun.  :D  We ended up going to Picnic Grove this time instead of People's Park in the Sky, which actually turned out being even cooler than People's Park.  I took lots of pictures and bought souvenirs for everyone, since this will probably be my last time to go to Tagaytay on my mission.  Hope you like them.  :D

...Hope no one minds that all they get for Christmas is random trinkets from the Philippines... ^^''

So yeah.  Despite the transfer and changes and everything, things have been looking up.

I got an email from the Music chairman at BYU-I, asking me what my primary instrument is so they can arrange things to instrumentally balance the different groups.  It's nothing sure yet, but it is a good sign.  Especially since he said, "When you are accepted...", not "If you are accepted..."

I bought a new camera after I finished my email last week, and it worked great.  ...Until Sunday, when half the screen went all weird and crap for no reason.  It still takes pictures just fine, but you can only see half of each picture.  ;P  So I'll go get it replaced later after I finish emailing.

The storms and things haven't been so bad.  Just really windy, and a lot of rain.  The thing you gotta watch out most for is large pieces of tin flying off of people's roofs.  But it doesn't happen very often.  We actually probably wouldn't have worked on Tuesday, since the wind was pretty scary, but I had to go say goodbye to everyone, so doggone it, we were goin' out!  ;P  Bicutan doesn't flood that bad, either.  Only a little.  Not like P-Que 2nd did.  o.o

Before I leave here, I might actually try and find a laptop here to use for college, instead of looking for one after I get home.  They're cheaper here, and they're decent quality, as long as you make sure to buy them someplace legit.

It's starting to dawn on me just how close the end is coming... o.o  With me leaving early and stuff, that means I have less than three months left.  I'm, of course, excited to see you all again, but I'll really miss this place.  I'll just have to make sure to work my hardest in these last few months and race to the finish.  It's weird..  I'll leave here on December 17th, and then travel for a looooong time, and then get home, also on December 17th...  It'll be weird...   o.o

...And then I'll freeze to death.  ^^''

Anyway, that's about it for this week.  Ingat kayo lagi.  Di na matagal, magkikita na rin tayo.  :D

Elder David Jones

P.S.  I'll send pictures sometime.  ;P  Honest.


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