Monday, September 26, 2011

Fw: Greetings

H'lo.  :D

Admittedly, things have fallen apart just a little bit lately.  :/  Elder Swainson talked to President Stucki this last week, and they determined that he needs to go home for some personal reasons.  He can come back after six months and continue serving where he left off, but for now, he has to go home.  His flight left about two hours ago.  Elder Tatoy, who also lives in our apartment, also had to go home last Friday.  It's been pretty hard, especially after how much I came to love and respect Elder Swainson.  He's a great missionary, and he has great potential.  I'll miss him a lot.

So yeah..  Morale's been pretty low lately.  :/  We're in a bit of a transition phase right now.  Elder Morris and I don't have companions yet.  President says we'll get them on Thursday.  In the meantime, we've arranged to go on splits with ward missionaries so we can manage both areas, Paranaque 4th and Bicutan.  Which means for the next few days, I'll be the only elder working in P-Que 4th, with no official companion.  It's gonna be weird.  o.o

There's also  6 new missionaries coming in this week (which is weird, because they don't usually send new missionaries in halfway through a transfer), so I might end up training again.  So will Elder Morris, which he's super scared about.  He's still relatively new in the mission.

Ai.. So yeah, that's the current state of affairs.

The Paranaque Stake put on a roadshow this last weekend, which was really cool.  They went all out, with all kinds of fancy props and costumes, especially Paranaque 2nd ward.  P-Que 4th put on a cool show about Teancum going and stabbing Amaleki with a javelin.  Darren Misalucha played Teancum, and it was awesome.  :D  They had a part where the Nephites and Lamanites were fighting, and suddenly a phone started ringing, and the battle paused for a few seconds so someone could answer her phone, then it resumed again.  The two teams had health bars, too, and the Lamanites' health bar slowly decreased as the fight went on until the Lamanites lost.  Hehehe.  :D  P-Que 2nd put on a super-cool show about 3 chosen warriors who had to go fight magic weapons to defeat an enemy tribe.  One of them ended up having to go fight a giant fish thing.  It was cool!  I had trouble identifying individual members of the ward, because they were all wearing masks.  A few of them came and said hi to me after the performance, still wearing their masks, and I was like, "...Uh..."  Then they took the masks off, and then I recognized them.  ^^'' All in all, it was a really cool performance.  It was a lot cooler than I thought it would be.

Lhujay didn't go to church yesterday, and neither did Tatay, so we're going to postpone their baptism for a little while.  What we'd really like is for Tatay to baptize the kids, but if he doesn't come to church, it's not going to work out.  :/  So, we'll keep encouraging them.

My camera's dying and being retarded, and it's annoying me, so I think I'm going to get a new one again.. :P

Mah birthday package finally came in this last week.  :D  Mmm... Caaaaaandy... :D  The Snickers bars and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and everything actually made it here in fairly good condition, and I stuck them right in the refrigerator so they won't melt or get eaten by ants.  :D  Snickers bars and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and the like are like gold here in the mission.  Mmm... Gold....  ^_^

It's good to hear that the band's doing well.  Anytime that the football crowd actually listens to the marching show is a good thing.  What's their show again this year?  You've probably told me, but I've forgotten.  :P  Go, everyone!  YOU CAN DO IT!!!  :D

Pagaling ka, Richelle! ;(  And everyone else who caught the flu bug.

Anyway, that's about it for right now.  Hope everyone's doing well.  Ingat kayo lagi!  :D

Elder David Jones

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