Monday, September 19, 2011

Fw: Greetings

Herro!  :D

So, things have been... well, uneventful this week.  ^^''  Elder Swainson caught some sort of virus and has still been sick all week.  :/  So we basically sat around the apartment.  All week.  ...Yeah... Got kinda boring after a while.  :P  But he's feeling better now, so we'll kick it back into gear starting tomorrow.

Lhujay and Ehlona Dublan are still on track for their baptism on the 1st of October.  They came to church again yesterday.  Tatay Dublan wasn't there, which was a little disappointing, but Sister Dublan said that they've arranged his schedule so he can come every other week.  Hopefully, we can still arrange things so he can be the one to baptize his kids.  Even if we have to move the baptism back a couple weeks so he can be the one to baptize them, I'd rather do that than have someone else baptize them.

One of the families we're teaching is pretty interesting.  It's two sisters, Aya and Yoko (whose names, when put together, form "Ayoko!", which means, "I don't wanna!"  Hehehe...), and their little brother, Eira.  The two sisters are members, but their little brother isn't yet.  They're living right now with their cousins, Joy and Emily, who we're also teaching.  Their parents live in Japan.  Their mom is Filipino, also a member, but their dad, a non-member, is Japanese.  The three siblings grew up in Japan, so they speak fluent Japanese as well as fluent Tagalog.  It's weird, cuz sometimes they'll speak Japanese to each other, and I'll be like,  "... :D ? Konichiwa? Mushi mushi?"  I thought Darcy and Richelle might like that.

The Sister missionaries in our zone texted us a referral last week, someone they'd talked to on the bus, but we weren't able to contact them, cuz we were stuck inside all week.  But it turned out that we didn't have to, because the referral, Sister Lilia, went to church on her own yesterday, and brought a friend with her.  A bunch of people in the ward got pretty excited about it-- "Elders, did you hear? There's an investigator here who came to church on her own!"  "Elders, did you meet the new investigator?"  "...Yes, we talked to her, thank you."  "Elders, I think there's a new investigator!  She said she came to church on her own!"  >.>  "Yes, thank you..."  Sister Lilia recently has recently been having problems with her husband (who's also Japanese, ironically enough...), and finally had enough of it a few months ago and left.  She's living with a friend now.  She wants her family to come back together again, she wants things to work out, so she accepted the Sisters' invitation to come to church when they met her on the bus.  It was kinda funny; I didn't recognize her name at first, and was wondering why she was there, who had invited her, and whatnot, but when she mentioned where her husband lives, Spratley Island St., I recognized the address and looked in my planner where I'd written down the Sisters' referral and asked, "Um, is this you?"  "Yeah, that's me!"  "OH, you talked to the Sisters!  THAT'S why you came to church!  I get it now!"  So now she wants us to go try and teach her husband so her family can come together again.  We'll do the best we can, and in the meantime, we'll also go try and teach her and her friend as well.  Problem is, her friend who she's staying with lives in a squatter's area, which doesn't have an address.  So her house is kinda hard to find.  But, she did give us her phone number and said she'll come back to church next week.

Last Saturday, we went to the temple and got to witness the temple wedding of Jonah DeGuzman, my recent convert from Boni 4th, and Lue Cajardo, who used to be the ward mission leader.  It was really cool to be able to see them sealed in the temple.  I've participated in a proxy sealing before, but never a live sealing.  It was cool.  I was expecting to have to change into white for it, but they just handed me a pair of white shoes.  o.o Huh?  Apparently, just the two getting sealed have to change into temple clothes.  Those who are just attending don't have to.  Okie.  The DeGuzmans were really happy to see me.  Nanay DeGuzman has a temple recommend now, too, and was also able to attend the sealing.  Elder Campos (now Brother Campos) was there, too.  Tatay DeGuzman, who's not a member yet, also came.  Hopefully, the missionaries can start teaching him soon, too.  I asked Bishop Acosta, who also attended, about some of my other recent converts, like the Lopez family, Sister Suzet being my first convert, and the Sy family, and he said, "Yeah, they're still active.  Have they hit a year now?  Hmm... I guess we should get them through the temple prep classes..."  "Yyyesss...  Yes, you should..."  So, hopefully, I can attend a few more sealings before I go home.  :D

So, anyway, that's been the goings on lately.  Btw, the financial aid peoplez sent me an email saying that there's a few issues with my application that need to be resolved before I can be considered for financial aid.  I was going to go check it out, but I need my Social Security Number, which I don't have memorized anymore... :/  Sorry.  I don't know if sending my social security number by email will be a good idea, but could you at least go on and see what issues need to be worked out?  Thankz.  :D  Here's the link:

That's all for now, I think.  Tell the band I said hi, even though almost no one there knows me anymore.  :D  Also, tell Sister Richard I said hi, too.  Love you all!  Ingat kayo lagi!  :D

Elder David Jones

P.S.  I haven't sent pictures in a while, have I?  I'll have to get on that sometime... Maybe next week.  ;P

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