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Hello!  :D

Hope you're all having a fun vacation and schtuff.  Sounds like a lot of fun.  Tell everyone I said hi.  HIIIII!!!!  :D

...Just wondering... Did Josh not come with you?  How's he doing lately?  I haven't heard much from him.

Btw, how was band camp?  Did Richelle tag along for any of that?  Did everyone have fun?  Was it amazing?

This week was pretty good for us.  Two of our investigators, Dick and Eadimay Car, came to church together for the first time.  Eadimay's been attending with her relatives in Bicutan Ward, which is next to us, for a little while now, but yesterday was Dick's first time.  He seemed like he enjoyed himself.  He's a pretty cool guy, but has a lot of questions.  There was one lesson a few weeks ago where we spent the entire time trying to convince him that if he wanted to know if the Book of Mormon is true, he needs to pray about it, but he wouldn't commit to it.  But then when we came back the next time, he said he'd actually tried it, but at that point, hadn't felt anything yet.  He's been making pretty good progress, and so far, has been accepting the doctrines we've taught him, especially about the Plan of Salvation.

A lot of our investigators are kind of going on hold at this point, waiting for things to happen before they can be baptized.  Hanz and Mona still need to complete their marriage requirements before they can be married and Hanz get can baptized.  Hanz has been busy with work, but he says he'll take a day off sometime in the coming month to take care of the things they need.  Another investigator, Delia, is finishing up a review for an exam that will take place in September, and after that, she'll be able to start going to church again.  Another, Rubilyn, has gone to church every week for the past six months or more, and wants to get baptized, but wants to talk to her parents first, who live in the province.  She'll take a trip in early September to talk to them, and hopefully she can be baptized after that.  I'm hoping we'll be able to help them accept the ordinance of baptism before too long, but in the meantime, we're just waiting on some things to clear up.

Ahm, about the cooking thing... um... Yeah, I can still count the number of dishes I know how to cook on one hand... ^^''  The deal with Elder Magbanua before about me teaching him to play piano in exchange for him teaching me to cook... yeah, it kinda fell through... Wasn't enough time to do either.  But I can cook adobo okay (I can do it better if I have a recipe), so at least I'll be able to say I can cook SOMETHING Filipino by the time I get home.  ;P

Ooh, and I know how to cook rice!  :D

They'll occasionally ask me to play the piano in this ward, though there's a few people who know how to play in this ward.  It's not like back in Paranaque 2nd, where there was no other pianist, so I doubled as the ward pianist (most people were like, "Aw... now we don't have a pianist..." when I got transferred).  Someone mentioned, though, that a few of the pianists have started showing up late on purpose so I can be the one to play for sacrament.  I guess they like my style.  ;P

The Musical Fireside in May will probably be my last one.  Elder and Sister Swenson, the office couple, were the ones in charge of the musical firesides, and they'll be going home in October, and between that and the change in mission president, there probably won't be another opportunity for another fireside before they go home. :/

...I guess I'd better actually get that scholarship application stuff taken care of soon, since September's coming up quick.  I'll try and get it done after I finish this email, if there's time.

Anyway, that's about it so far.  Hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation.  :)  Ingat kayo lagi.

Elder David Jones

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