Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fw: Who needs subject lines, anyway?

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Subject: Who needs subject lines, anyway?
Herro!  :D

Glad to hear that everyone's enjoying their vacation.  The random rainstorms that you've been talking about, both at the family reunion and in Florida, are not unlike the random rainstorms that blow through Manila every once in a while.  It's hot most of the time, but occasionally, a random typhoon will just show up out of nowhere and soak the living daylights out of everything and flood the city, then it'll go back to being hot.  It's pretty routine around here.  ^^''

Things have really started to pick up lately.  Our efforts have started to really pay off, and a lot of our investigators from before are starting to come around.  Hanz and Mona obtained forms last Friday so they can get some of the certificates they need to get married.  Hopefully, we should be able to process everything by October, and then they can finally get married.  We visited Delia yesterday, who's been taught on and off for about six months now.  She says she finally feels that the Book of Mormon is true and that this is the true church, and this is the path she really needs to follow.  Her review has finished for an exam she's taking at the end of September, so she can start coming back to church again.  We've found a few new investigators with great potential, Joy and Emily, and Catherine and her family.  Joy and Emily seemed really interested in our messages about the effect the gospel can have on our families, and they've understood and accepted the things we've been teaching so far.  We haven't been able to teach Catherine yet, but she seems really interested in the gospel.  The Dublan family is doing well, too, and I'm hoping we can get them all to come to church this Sunday.

Yesterday was probably our best day so far this transfer.  Elder Swainson have changed the focus of our studies lately so that we can better help him to prepare to teach the missionary lessons themselves (before, we've been focusing more on how to be a good, effective missionary, with things such as planning, working with the members, teaching by the Spirit, but hadn't really been able to focus a lot on the missionary lessons themselves), and he's been improving a lot faster.  Yesterday we both felt the Spirit guiding us as we taught, and it was a very productive day.  I'm hoping we can keep that sort of energy with us as we work.

The training program is a 12-week program, so the transfer announcements next week won't be a surprise.  We already know we'll both stay for another transfer together.  Which is good.  I like working with Elder Swainson.

So the work's going well.  Of course, that's really what I need to be focusing on most right now.  Today, though, I got hit with some bad news.  My application didn't get accepted at BYU.  So... Now, I'm honestly not sure what I'm going to do when I get back home.  At any rate, since I'm not going to be attending the winter semester, I'll probably just finish out my mission and then figure it out from there.

It's kind of a bummer.. :/  But for now, I'll just try not to let it affect what I'm doing here.

In other news, I'll probably be getting my birthday package tomorrow.  :D  I actually haven't quite finished off all the Skittles you sent me in the last package, but I'm always open to more random goodies.  :D  I'm still working on the Skittles.

So, now we're entering September, which means there's only about 4 months left.  We're closing in on the home stretch.

Love you all!  Hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation!  :D  Inggatz!

Elder David Jones

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