Monday, August 15, 2011

Fw: After 19 months it's getting hard to come up with clever subject lines.

Herro!  :D
I woke up last Wednesday morning and all of a sudden, I was 21.  o.o  It was weird.  ...I can legally drink now!  :D  ...I might get hit by lightning if I ever do it, BUT, it's legal.  ^^''
For my birthday, it was mostly just work like normal.  We mentioned to our investigators that it was my birthday, and they were like, "Oh.  Happy birthday!"  Hanz and Mona bought me a cake.  :D  It was nice.  All in all it was a fun birthday.
Claire's baptism on Saturday was really nice.  She was really happy about it, happy that she's been cleansed of the things she's done in the past, happy to be able to start a new life.  I'm glad for her.  We helped Hanz and Mona pay tithing yesterday after church, and Lyka Dublan also payed tithing.  Lyka's also started working on her Personal Progress.  Yes!
We haven't had a lot of success lately in finding new investigators.  We've been looking.  We've been trying to use the ward directory to look for less-active and part-member families, but most of the members we visited were either not home or had long since moved.  :/  So we'll start trying new tactics this week, and hopefully we'll be more successful.  Our other investigators are doing okay, but a lot of them don't have a lot of time to meet with us, so we can only visit them like once or twice a week.  A lot of our other investigators are also only available at night, which gives us a lot to do at night, but almost nothing to do in the afternoon.  :/  We're working on it, though.
Tell Kelsey and Claire congratulations for me.  I wish you both happy, successful marriages.  :)
I think it's weird, though, that like.  Everyone I know is getting married now... Kelsey, Claire, Alicia, Kelly, Dolly...  Heck, Richelle might go off and get married before I get back, for all I know... ^^''
Anyway, that's about it for now.  Love you all!  Until next week, inggatz!
Elder David Jones
One of the people in my district, Elder Morris, was wondering how Jacob Delimont managed to send a butiki home in a pop can without it dying... o.o
Also, on that note, tell the Delimonts, I'll missss yooooouu!

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