Monday, August 8, 2011

Fw: Happy Birthday!

Herro!  :D

Happy Birthday to meeeee... Happy birthday to meeee.... Happy birthday, happy biiiiiiirthdaaaaaaaay!!!!!  Happy birthday toooooo meeeeeeeeee!!!!!  :D :D :D

...Yeah, that's how they sing it here.  They don't even bother with the name.  ^^''

I hope Darcy enjoys her cruise.  :D  I think it'd be so cool to go off and spend some time out on a faraway island where the culture's different, and you get to see new things and meet new people.

...Wait...  >.>

I imagine it's much more tropical over there in the Bahamas, though.  ^^''  Not quite so much pollution...

Tell Mr. J I said hi.  HI!!!!! :D  Good luck with band camp!  And to the marching band (which by now probably consists of a bunch of people I don't know), GOOD LUCK!  YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

Send Uncle Brent my regards.  Pagaling ka na!  Get well soon!  Sana hindi kailangan putulin...  :/

Got a card today from the Lacey 2nd Relief Society.  Thank you, everyone!!! :D  I recognized most of the names on there, except... I don't remember Sister Hopkins...  It's been a while since I've been home... :/  Have I met her before, or is she new to the ward?  At any rate, wish her good luck for me in her preparations for a mission.  :D

We've started teaching the rest of the Dublans' kids this week.  Their son, Lhujay, likes to hang around a lot with friends and play computer games.  Sister Dublan is really hoping we can get him to kind of change his ways before he gets too caught up into the wrong group of friends and gets into trouble.  He still goes to school and everything, he just likes to wander off with friends a lot.  We've mostly just been helping him feel comfortable around us, making friends with him, and encouraging him to read the scriptures and pray and go to church.  Sister Dublan wasn't able to get him to go yesterday, but we'll try again next week.

Claire's getting pretty excited for her baptism on Saturday.  We'll have her interviewed tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure she'll pass just fine.  She's really humbled herself, and she's completely broken her old habits.  She's really ready for baptism, a true convert to the church.

We've been focusing our efforts on finding again, since we're sorta running low on investigators again.  The mission is taking a turn towards working with members and referrals, since those produce the most sure and the most lasting conversions and baptisms.  A number of members came and talked to me yesterday, saying they're working on preparing referrals for us.  Hopefully our work will really start picking up again before long.  This week we're going to visit a number of less-actives and part-members, a few of which were referred to us by the members.

My anak, Elder Swainson, has been doing pretty well so far.  He's a good missionary, and a great person.  He has a good attitude about missionary work and a great love for our investigators.  His only real struggle so far is the language.  He has a hard time understanding people.  I've been doing my best to translate for him and help him learn faster.  It's going pretty well so far.  It's kinda cool; a lot of the things that I've gotten used to by now-- jeepneys, tricycles, butikis (little lizards that hang out on the walls.  They're pretty much everywhere) and other Filipino cultural oddities-- are still new to him, so every once in a while, he'll see something that I've already started to take for granted, and he'll be like, "Wooooaaaah!"

Anyway, that's about it.  I don't have too many big plans for my birthday on Wednesday.  :/  Work pa rin.  But we'll do something fun, like go out to eat or something.  We'll make it good.  :D

Good luck to everyone!  Hope everyone's having a nice summer!  We're having a nice rainy season over here!  ;P  Inggatz!  :D

Elder David Jones


Picturz!!!  :D

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