Monday, August 1, 2011

Fw: Greetings

Herro!  :D

So we were standing in line at KFC today, and this foreigner asked us where we were from.  So we told him where we were from, and then he mentioned he was from Germany.  So, just for fun, I asked him, "Sprachen sie Deutsch?" to which he answered, "Naturlisch."  Then he said a bunch of other things to me, to which I responded, "... :D ?"  I dun't speaks Germans anymore... ^^'' Hindi na ako marunong...

Ahem, in other news, I went into labor on Thursday, and now I have an anak.  I'm a tatay now!  :D  His name is Elder Swainson.  He's from Alberta, Canada (he brought a bunch of maple leaf refrigerator magnets and stuck 'em to the fridge when he got here).  It's pretty cool, eh?  He's been fun to work with so far.  He reminds me a lot of me when I first got here:  He can speak Tagalog relatively well, considering he just got to the Philippines on Wednesday, but he has a hard time understanding what people say, especially since a lot of people are so soft-spoken here.  The ward's really helped welcome him in, especially the single adults.  We visited the birthday party of a member yesterday, and we joked around a lot with them and made friends with them (especially our ward mission leader, Bro. Siege, who's kind of the class clown of the single adults).  Training a new missionary is kinda stressful, but it's fun.  Elder Swainson has the right attitude about everything.  He's a good missionary.  He has a great desire to serve.  His only real barrier is the language.  I'm glad I get the opportunity to help him.

They've started a new program for trainers and trainees. The goal of the program is for the new missionaries to be able to, if called upon, train a new missionary after only 12 weeks in the field (2 transfers).  It's a pretty intense program, setting the standard pretty high.  I was a bit overwhelmed when they first introduced it.  It's a good way to stay focused during our studies, since it pretty well outlines the things we're supposed to concentrate on in our work.

Sister Lyka Mae Dublan was baptized on Saturday.  Bishop is really happy to see the Dublan family coming back to activity in the church.  The baptism was really spiritual; both Lyka and her mom, Vanessa, gave strong testimonies about the truth of the gospel and about the positive effect that it's had on their lives.  I'm really happy for them.  The next target is going to be the rest of the family, especially Tatay Dublan and the other kids.  The whole family attended the baptism on Saturday and seemed to enjoy it.  Their next oldest son, Lou-J, and their next oldest daughter, Liona, are 10 and 8 years old, respectively.  We just need to get them to come to church with the rest of the family.

Claire is still doing well.  She came to church yesterday, even though Hanz and Mona weren't able to (it rained really hard yesterday morning, so a lot of people didn't come to church.  Attendance was cut by maybe a third.  Happens sometimes).  She still hasn't had any problems with smoking or drinking since the day she decided she needed to quit, and she's agreed to keep the other commandments as well, including tithing.  She's excited for her baptism on the 13th.

Hanz and Mona told us they have a problem in their family that they're trying to work out, and probably won't be able to be married until October or November.  They haven't told us what exactly the problem is, but they said they'll tell us when they're ready to be married.  :/  I'm hoping to be able to find out what their concern is soon so that we can help them resolve it if we can.

Tell Uncle Rob and his wife congratulations for me.  :)

I'll try and look for a nativity set.  Christmas starts in October here, so I should be able to find one before I go home.  ^^''  Ask everyone else what sort of things they want me to bring them when I get home.  I was thinking of getting caribou belts (really awesome-looking belts made out of caribou horn) for Dad and Josh, souvenir hats, things like that.  Let me know if you want anything specific.

Nobody here has a card reader, so I'll send pictures next week na lang.  ^^''

Until next week, ingatz!  :D

Elder David Jones

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