Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fw: Happy February

Herro!  :D

Ayos lang, ayos lang...  nakalimutan n'yo lang ako... ^^''

Things have been going quite well the past week.  We've mostly been focusing on helping our investigators to progress, helping Eliza and Alexander to prepare for their baptism and getting everything ready.  They were interviewed on Sunday, and passed just fine.  They're excited.  I'll have to write a letter to the Davao missionaries and let them know that Alexander's still doing well, and that he's being baptized this Friday.

Patrick and Jenn Guda, the golden family I mentioned last week (Patrick was the guy on the bicycle), are doing very well.  They went to church last Sunday and enjoyed it a lot, and they plan to come every week.  They've read from the Book of Mormon and gained a testimony of it.  They're very excited to learn about the gospel and the peace and order that it brings into their lives.  They're fun to teach, and I really look forward to appointments with them.  They have one son, Ayan (Ion, Eyeon, I'm not sure how it's spelled... :P ), who's three years old.  We did hit a bit of a speed bump with them last week, though, when they mentioned that they're not married yet.  :/ Oh.  So they're not quite as much of Instant Pancit Canton as we thought they were at very first... But they're still amazing, and last night we taught them the importance of marriage and the concept of Temple Marriage, and they committed to be married.  Hopefully it'll be a very nice wedding.  They accepted a baptismal date for the 12th of March.

Elder Eneja, one of our apartmentmates, kept hinting at me that I'd be transferring this week, which was making me kinda sad, because I really like this area.  I've been working on it for quite some time now, and it's just now starting to really bear fruit.  I was halfway convinced that I would be transferring by the time transfer announcements came up yesterday.  Then they read the announcements, and they were like, "Elder Jones and Elder Magbanua will... stay!"  "Huh?  Oh.  Yay!"  :D  So now I get to reap the harvest.  As it turns out, Elder Eneja was just trying to see if he could get me to pack up my stuff and say goodbye to all the members and investigators just to find out that I wasn't transferring after all.  :P  Good thing I didn't believe him enough to start packing my things.  ^^''

There's a number of things I love about the Tagalog language.  One of the things is the fact that the word, "Magpaalam" can mean "To say goodbye" or "To let someone know about something."  Yesterday when our investigators asked about the transfer announcements we told them, "Sa totoo, kailangan naming magpaalam sa inyo..." (which can mean, "Actually, we need to say goodbye..." or "Actually, we need to let you know..."), to which they would be like, "Oh, no, you're leaving??"  " walang malilipat sa amin."  :D  ("...that neither of us is transferring.")  Bahaha...

I actually have a number of Tagalog jokes I've learned that don't make any sense in English.  ^^''  It's kinda sad, cuz I won't be able to use them anymore once I go home...

I'm SOOOOO close to finishing learning "All of Me"!  I nailed out the "B" section earlier today (up through the part where you bang on the piano with your forearms... nerf nerf nerf... >:D  ), and now all I have to do is clean up the last chorus of the main melody, which is really similar to the second repetition, except he's changed a few things.  Sooooo close!!

Say hi to Mr. J. for me.  HIIIII!  :D

And congratulations to Richelle for making it to BYU Idaho!  :D  Hope you make into Provo as well!

...Which reminds me.  President Howard said I should start applying for BYU Provo now so as to have everything lined up for me when I get back home.  He says you will have to take care of most of the application stuff, such as grabbing transcripts and filling out information and stuff, and he'll take care of the worthiness interview and stuff here, and he says it's possible that he might be able to bring someone out here to hold the audition (I can probably audition for choir or something for now just to get into the music program and then go from there), but in order to do that, we'll need to take care of the application process before he goes home, which is in July.  It would probably be best to get started as soon as possible.  I'll probably end up applying for the Spring semester or something next year (I'll probably need a few months to readjust to reality... o.O )  I'm pretty sure most of the application stuff is on the BYU website.  If you could start taking care of that for me, I'd really appreciate it.  Salaaaamat.  :D

...It occurs to me that Richelle will likely be a semester or two ahead of me by the time I get back...  O.o

Anyway, I'm out of time now... Love you all!  Ingatz!  :D

Elder David Jones

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