Monday, January 31, 2011

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Herro!  :D


... :D ?

...Herro?... :/  Hmm... Missed you this week... Hope everyone's alright...

Anyway, this week's been pretty fantabulous.  Monday night, we held a special Ward Home Evening and welcomed in Elder (Brother) Edioy, who just came back from the Philippines Bacolod Mission.  He's a former AP.  He worked with us on Friday, and he's really cool, and, of course, a really good missionary.

The work's really started picking up lately, and I'm excited for a number of baptisms this coming February.  Eliza's still doing really well.  Every time we come over and teach her, it's pretty much a review session, since most of the time, her aunt, an RM, has already explained it to her.  Last Friday we went and taught her about the Word of Wisdom and asked her, "Will you follow the Word of Wisdom and stop drinking coffee?"  Her response was, "Well, I already did.  My aunt already told me about that..."  "...Oh.  Well, alright.  Sounds good to me."

We've had a number of new, golden investigators fall on us out of the blue this week.  On Friday, we were walking out of a certain subdivision when a man rode up to us on his bike and asked us where our church was.  He said he wanted to study the Bible more and come closer to God.  He asked us if we could come teach him and his family.  He also asked, "And those people that you teach usually get baptized at the end, right?"  o.o "...Um, yes... That's the idea, anyway..."  It was... a bit of a shock... We went and visited them last night.  They're super nice, and they are very ready to hear the gospel.  Brother Edioy, a recent RM, who was with us at the time that he came and talked to us, mentioned afterwards, "Wow.  That's like Instant Pancit Canton.... Just add water..."

Yesterday, someone came up to us during church and told us they had a referral for us.  They introduced us to Alexander, who had just recently moved in from the Davao Mission.  Then they handed me his teaching record from the previous missionaries who were teaching him there.  The teaching record was almost full.  o.o  He's been taught just about everything, and apparently he was supposed to be baptized this last Saturday, but then suddenly transferred out here to Cavite.  So now all we have to do is get everything worked out and get him baptized.  He'll probably be baptized with Eliza on the 12th.

Saturday night, I made the horrible mistake of speaking too soon.  We were just on our way home when I mentioned to Elder Magbanua, "You know what I like best about this week?  You-know-who hasn't come and bothered us at our apartment at all.  That makes it a good week.  :D "  I shouldn't say things like that.  >.<  Not five minutes later, we got a text message from the Molino 2nd Elders informing us that he was at the apartment, wondering where I was.  Lo and behold, when we showed up, there he was, "Hi Elder Jones! :D "  Sigh... He was all dressed up in a shirt and tie, ready to go to church.  He thought it was Sunday.  In the end, we eventually convinced him to go home, gave him money to pay the jeep, and sent him on his way.

I finally got a chance to listen to John Schmidt's recording of "All of Me" that you sent.  He plays it differently then I do.. First of all, he plays it unbelievably screaming fast (that's John Schmidt for you...), almost to the point where it seems rushed to me, and he just has a different style than I'm used to playing it with, especially in the intro.  :/  Oh well.  I'll just chalk it up as a difference in interpretation and leave it at that.  184 bpm seems fast enough for me (he plays it about 208, I think, if not faster).  It still sounds cool the way he plays it, I just choose to play it differently.  A lot of the other songs on those albums are really cool, too, and I might try to learn one or two of them at some point.  I still want to finish learning "All of Me" first, though.  I feel like I don't have that much farther to go, and then I'll have it.  I spent some time practicing it earlier today.  I'm about halfway through it, and the last bit is similar to the second large chunk, with just a few changes, mostly in the left hand.  So it's mostly just the middle "B" section that I need to finish working out, and then I'll pretty much have it.

Anyway, that's pretty much for this week.  This will be the last P-day before transfer day.  I'm hoping I'll be able to stay one more transfer.  I like this area and this companionship.  I told President that during interviews a few weeks ago, and he said, "All right.  I trust you."  So yeah.  I'm hoping I'll stay.

Loff you all!! Again, hope everyone's doing alright.  Hope to hear from you next week.

Ingatz!  :D

Elder David Jones

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