Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fw: Greetings

Hi!  :D
Things have been going pretty well this week.  Though the past few days have been a bit stressful... :P  Mostly because of the certain member I've been telling you about for the past few weeks.  Last night he came by the apartment (again), but this time he seemed... almost normal...  I joked with him a bit about the Chinese Book of Mormon we have in our apartment (don't ask; it's been here longer than I have...), and I saw a lot of the old him.  For about twenty seconds, he almost had me convinced he was back.  ...Then he started talking to my companion again, and before long, I realized with dissappointment, nope, still nutty as ever.  He can still teach.  He went full throttle and taught all about faith and repentance, baptism, the Gift of the Holy Ghost, Priesthood authority, the three degrees of glory, the three degrees within the Celestial Kingdom, all kinds of stuff.  Heck, he's just about as good a teacher as I am, if not better.  It hurt, really, because I used to enjoy working with him for that very reason.  Really, the only problem is that he's crazy.  o.o  I then asked him who our current living prophet was, and he was like, "Well, according to what I know, it's President Boyd K. Packer."  "...What?!"  Then he went into all kinds of crap like, "Do we REALLY know how President Gordon B. Hinkley died?"  and then suggesting that he didn't die of old age, but was killed, and that President Monson may or may not actually be our living prophet, but that we'd find out at General Conference.  ...What?  Then he suggested that we go to the mission office in Makati the next morning to see if Elder Magbanua really is a missionary.  So I told him, "Fine, whatever," just to get him to leave, knowing that we wouldn't be here the next morning, since we'd be at the temple.
...So, lo and behold, this morning, after we came out of our temple session, we got a text from the office informing us that he was at the office, asking where I was.  >.<  ;laskjd;flksjldfkjslkdfjlskjdfl....  WHAT?! I didn't even know he knew where the mission office was in the first place, and besides that, I have no idea where he got the money to travel all the way to the mission office.  It's in Makati!  It's a 25-peso jeepney ride and a 60-peso or so taxi ride to get over there!  But anyway, in the end, the people at the office took care of things by telling him that everything is fine, and that they're in charge of all of that, and that he doesn't need to bother us at the apartment anymore.  Then they told him to go away.  Last I've heard, he dropped by the apartment again afterwards, really angry at me for basically standing him up.  >.>  What was I supposed to do?  I didn't exactly expect him to ACTUALLY GO.  But what can you expect?  He's crazy.
So, anyway, between all of that and the fact that I got up at o'dark thirty to go to the temple, I'm not feeling so wun-wun-wunderbar right now... -_0  I'll probably look back on all of this and laugh my head off once I got transferred, but for right now, it's driving me crazy...
Other than that, though, things are going great!  :D
The Guda family is still doing as well as ever.  Last Sunday, they apparently went to visit Patrick's brother, who had just come in from Japan, and then didn't make it back home in time to go to church, but they went again this last week.  Their little boy, Ayan (Ion, however you spell it), is the cutest little thing in the world.  I really love that family.  And they're so humble.  They've completely embraced the gospel with open arms and plan to continue to go to church and build their faith until the eternities.  The fact that they're not married yet is the only thing holding them back from being baptized for right now, but everything will work out in April.
Mexi, I'm hoping, is finally coming around.  She's been working through a lot of oppression lately, but she's very determined to keep going.  Her parents have given their permission, and her school schedule will start to clear up in March, so she'll finally be able to start coming back to church again, and once she's gone four weeks in a row (that's the requirement), she'll finally be able to be baptized as well.
Elaiza and I are racing each other in the Book of Mormon now.  I don't know if I'll be able to catch her, though.  She's currently at Alma 32 in her reading, while I'm still only at Mosiah 19 (granted, she started before I did, since I was still finishing the Book of Mormon while she was starting out).  I'll give it my best shot, though.  (We're kinda backwards.. She's reading it in English, but I'm reading it in Tagalog... O.o ).
Actually, for the transcript application form, I was not sure whether to put my current address (way out here in the Philippines) or our address back at home... What would you suggest?  At any rate, I'll try and get that out as soon as possible.  I haven't been able to fill out the application stuff yet.  Haven't had time yet.. :/  But I'll probably start on that next Monday.
I really hope Darcy's sleep problems work out soon.  I've put your name on the prayer roll at the temple here in Manila.  You can do it!!  :D
Aaaaanyway, that's about it.  Love you all!  Until next week,
Ingat!  :D
Elder David Jones

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