Monday, January 24, 2011

Fw: Greetings

Kamuster!  :D

It's been an interesting week so far, both fun and exciting, and a little bit stressful...

Stressful, mostly, because our ward missionary, the one I talked about last week, keeps haunting us... He drops by the apartment every once in a while, supposedly wanting to work, and then continues to question the authority of my companion.  I'll tell you, he's a good teacher, using all kinds of scriptures and examples and things, talking about how hypocrites and liars will be burned at the Second Coming, etc, etc, etc.  He's really intelligent, he's just... off his rocker... :/  I refuse to take him to work with us, for obvious reasons, so usually we just wait it out, and eventually he just kind of leaves...  It's really nerve-racking... :P  Even when he's NOT at the apartment, every time the neighbors open their gate, my heart skips a beat because I think he's back to harass us again... @_@  It's probably not good for my blood pressure...

But, we're dealing with it as best as we can.  So far, he hasn't actually done any real harm yet...

Bit of a coincidence happened this last week (except those don't exist in the mission field...). A few months ago, Elder Sanz and I had just come out of a Ministop (kinda like a 7-Eleven), and were waiting for a jeepney to take us home, when suddenly we heard a noise off to the side, and a tricycle went by slowly, looking slightly battered.  We were like, "What on earth was that?"  As it turned out, the tricycle had hit some poor girl, about 15 years old, while she was walking along the street.  A crowd gathered around her as she lay unconcious on the road.  After a few minutes, Elder Sanz and I decided there wasn't really a lot we could do--the authorities would take care of it--so we just took the next jeep and went home.  Last Friday we met her.  We'd talked to her dad a few days before and he said we could come teach their family, so we showed up on Friday.  Her name's Jasper, as it turns out.  Her leg's in a huge cast, and it's slowly healing.  Their family got hit by a lot of medical bills since the tricyclist didn't have any insurance.  As they told us about the accident, they mentioned the place, Mambog, and I was like, "Wait... In front of the Ministop?"  "Yeah, kinda close to that..."  "...Woah.... I was THERE."  It was weird...

Last last Saturday, we contacted a referral, Sister Eliza.  She never ceases to impress me every time we teach her.  Since then, she's gone to church twice, she's read all the way through 1 Nephi 18 in the Book of Mormon, she's gained a testimony of Joseph Smith, she understands everything we teach her, and this last Saturday, she accepted a baptismal date for Feb 12.  I've never had a more sure baptismal date.   Also, we asked last Saturday at the end of the lesson if she had any questions, and she was like, "Um... Well... Can I serve a mission?"  "...What?"  I've... honestly never gotten that question before from an investigator...  o.o  Apparently, her aunt, who she lives with, an RM, had told her all kinds of stories about her mission, and it sounded adventurous to her, so she wanted to go, too.  "...Well, um, yeah.  In a year after your baptism, sure, you can serve a mission..." 

Our other, slightly more long-time investigators, Sister Mexi, has been struggling a bit lately.  Last Friday, her old pastor from the Baptist church talked to her, trying to convince her not to join the Mormon church, saying that she was already baptized in the Baptist church, and that's where she should stay, she shouldn't talk to other missionaries, etc etc etc.  So now she's not sure what to do.  I tell you, Satan does not want this girl to get baptized, because he's throwing everything he's got to stop her.  She knows the church is true, that Joseph Smith is a prophet, and that the Book of Mormon is true, but she's... >.< again, the Tagalog word is naguguluhan...  She's confused as to what to do.  We told her to pray about it and go based off what she knows is true. I'm hoping she'll pull through this.

Email time is too short to tell stories, cuz I'm out of time now... :P  Oh well.  Glad to hear everyone's doing well.  I hope Richelle figures something out for Senior Project.  I still think it's a bit ridiculous to make graduation dependent on one big project, but I'm also hanging out here in the middle of nowhere, so there's not a lot I can do about it.  :P  Good luck!  :D

Loff you all!  Inggatz!  :D

Elder David Jones

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