Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fw: Greetings


Herro!!  :D

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!  :D

...Or, in this part of the world...

Let it be slightly cooler than it usually is, let it be slightly cooler than it usually is, let it be slightly cooler than it usually is!!  :D

Happy December, everyone!!! :D

This morning I performed the ceremonial event of scratching another month off of my calender.  11 down, 13 to go.  Not that anyone's counting, by the way... ^^''

The one-year mark is ominously approaching... I hear it all just goes downhill from there...

But, anyway, enough about that.  >.>

This last Monday, we had Zone Conference, which actually turned out to be... a Christmas party!!  :D  Yay!!  In celebration, President let us watch "The Other Side of Heaven" and "The Best Two Years,"  which are both really good movies (if you haven't actually watched "The Best Two Years" yet, you should.  It's hilariously funny).  :D  We also ate hotdogs and pork n' beans and popcorn, and I ate a Snickers bar for the first time since I left home.  It was magically delicious.  :D

After the conference, we went to one of our investigators.  She'd asked about offerings in the church a few times, so we taught her about tithing.  I was amazed.  While a lot of investigators have huge problems with tithing (many of them being poor and sometimes struggling to get by and stuff), she had absolutely no problem with it at all.  During the lesson, she was like, "Ah, okay.  Mhm.  Yup.  That's about the way that works back at our church.  Mhm.  Sounds good."  When we talked about the blessings that come from paying tithing, she quoted Malachi 3:10 to us, understanding perfectly that the Lord will provide for us in all things if we show faith.  Afterwards, I was like, "Huh.  Well, that was easier than it usually is..."

I've noticed one thing that bugs me a bit... Last April, when we went to Poland, one of the things we noticed was that when our hosts wanted to talk just with each other, they had this secret code that they could use that we couldn't understand.  It was called Polish.  We, on the other hand, couldn't really use the same thing against them, because most of them knew English pretty well (usually, if you talked fast in English, they had a harder time catching it, and there was also the one time when we tried to speak Pig-Latin to screw them up.  Ahahah... Yeah, they couldn't understand it, but none of us could understand each other, either, because none of us was actually any good at Pig-Latin... :P ).  Anyway, the thing that bugs me is that here, now that I've gone through all the effort to learn Tagalog and have gotten to the point where I can speak and understand it fairly well, all people have to do (including my companion) is switch to Ilonggo or Bisaya or something, and BAM.  Back to nothing.  >.<'  That's what I get for being sent to a country that speaks hundreds of different dialects...

I guess I shouldn't complain too much, though.  At least here in Manila, everyone here speaks Tagalog, even if they also know one or two other dialects.  I still can't imagine how David Delimont felt on his mission.

Anyway, good to hear Thanksgiving went well for you guys (and that nobody died in the three inches of snow.. ;P ).  ...Ah, Rock Band... ^^''  I remember that... I'd be interested in trying out the piano thingy.  I'll have to wait about a year for it, but in the meantime, I have something to look forward to (actually, quite a few things to look forward to, but I won't go to far into that or it might make me homesick... ;)  ).  Playing for six hours straight probably isn't healthy, but... I'll admit that if I was there, I'd probably do exactly the same thing... ^^''

...NOW you mention a Filipino nativity set... ;P  That would've been nice to know BEFORE I bought you guys something else...  ^^''  Well, there's always next year...  (Actually, next year will probably be a much more bountiful Christmas season, since that'll be the time I'll be grabbing gobs of souvenirs for everyone).

Good luck to the band and orchestra for the Christmas concert(s)!! :D  YOU CAN DO IT!!!

To be honest, I actually haven't totally figured out the details for my phone call home.  Would it work better for you guys if I called you on Christmas or Christmas Eve?  It looks like the Zone is planning on moving P-day to Christmas day, so I think it might work better for me to call then (Christmas Eve for you).  I'll also make a setup call before then like last time, so we can nail the details out then, but for now, let me know what would work better.

Aaaaaaanyway, that's all for now.  Mahal ko kayo!!  Until next week, inggatz!!  :D

Elder David Jones

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