Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fw: I'm dreaming of a white Thanksgiving?



Kamuschta!  :D

Woah... So that's what snow looks like... I'd forgotten...  o.o

Over here it hardly feels like November.  It's a bit surreal.  I mean, it still pours buckets of rain over here now and then, but you can still wear a t-shirt and shorts outside and think nothing of it.  You do want to bring an umbrella, though, so you don't get drenched.

So Elder Sanz is pretty fun to work with so far.  He's kind of a goofball, which keeps the mood light while we're traveling and during lessons, but he also knows when it's appropriate to be serious.  He bears powerful testimony and shares really good spiritual experiences.

This is his second area.  He came from Cavite City after spending five transfers over there (still within Cavite Zone.. I think he was actually assigned to the Philippines Cavite Mission by mistake.  We'll see... ^^'' ).  Cavite 2nd is one of the smallest areas in the mission, while Molino 1st, on the other hand, is gigantic in comparison.  He was surprised, like, "Grabe, ang layo!!"  I'm a bit worried about his transportation funds; he may run out of support before the end of November...

But, anyway, so far, we've been working together fairly well.  I'm hoping this will be a successful transfer.

On Friday, we dropped by the Doma family, and he tried to extend a baptismal date to Donna May, but it fell through because of her large tangle of concerns (she's the one planning on going to Australia next year)... After we left, I was like, "...Yeah, there's a reason she doesn't have a baptismal date yet..."  :P

On Saturday, we were finally able to contact someone that we've been trying to come back to for about two weeks now.  We were able to talk to her once a few weeks ago, and she'd requested a blessing, but then when we tried to come back the next few times, they kept telling us she was at the hospital for surgery, and to try again next time.  We finally contacted her on Saturday, and she said, "It's a good thing you guys were able to drop by when you did."  She then told us that one of her Fallopian tubes had ruptured or something, and that she'd been in the hospital.  She almost died.  The doctors said she was lucky to be alive, that most people do not survive a complication like that.  I was stunned.  "Well, um... Nice to see you still here!"  Miracles do happen.

I've started putting together a package to send home (I attacked National Bookstore earlier today and bought a bunch of Christmas-y supplies and cards and schtuff to send).  Then I went and bought a bunch of Filipino snacks (they call them "biscuits" here ) at a nearby sari-sari store to send home.  Hope you liiiiike iiiiit!! :D

...I'm part-Lamanite?  Weird...  O.o  I'll mention that to him (I probably won't say "Lamanite," though...).  I don't know how much longer he's going to stay an investigator, though, because his heart's pretty hardened.  He's a sign-seeker.  He wants evidence.  So... yeah.  I don't know how much longer we're gonna keep coming back to him.  Especially since English isn't Elder Sanz's strong point...

In other news, one time, one of our recent converts pulled out a little jar that had the BIGGEST SPIDER I'VE EVER SEEN in it.  I was like, OMG THAT THING'S HUGE DON'T YOU DARE TAKE IT OUT OF THE JAR.  He said he'd found it crawling around in a mango tree, so he caught it and put it in a jar, and they fed it flies and mosquitos and stuff every once in a while.  It was HUGE.  Like, about the size of your thumb and first two fingers if you extend them out like spider-legs.  So, um... I'm a little more wary when I pass by trees now... I asked them about it the other day, and they were like, "Oh, it died already.."  Oh... Well, ok.   R.I.P. Spidey.


Good luck with your college apps, Richelle!  Hope you make it into BYU!  (It's a bit surreal that you'll probably be at least a semester ahead of me by the time I start college...)

Happy Thanksgiving!! :D  I'm thankful for... um... P-days!  :D

They don't celebrate it over here... D: It feels all Thanksgiving-less and stuff... o.o

But Christmas started back in September, so I guess it's all right. ^^''

Anyway, that's it for this week.  Mahal ko kayo!! Inggatz!!!

Elder David Jones

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