Monday, December 6, 2010

Fw: Hello


Kamuschter!  :D

This is, in fact, a Monday week.  But mabuti na lang we emailed a bit later than usual today.  Actually, in Cavite Zone, we usually only get one Wednesday week for temple day, and the rest are all Mondays (except this month, they're switching one of our P-days to a Saturday so it can be on Christmas).

Every other Saturday or so, the mission puts on a tour of the temple for our investigators (just on the temple grounds, of course).  It's usually a fairly successful event--the investigators enjoy it--but the only hassle is always providing transportation to the temple (especially in Cavite Zone, which is far, far away in Judea's plains) and providing lunch once we get there.  We had cooked the night before for our investigators (Elder Sanz cooked since I don't know how), and then brought it along the next morning.  During the tour itself, we left the food on the bus, assuming it would be fine.  Then, right after the tour was over, Sister McFate, one of the sister missionaries, and I have been trying to put together a musical number that we want to perform for the Missionary Musical Christmas Fireside that will be taking place on the 19th.  What's hard is that she's currently assigned in Pasay, and I'm in Cavite, which are really far apart.  It's difficult to find times when we can practice.  So after the rehearsal, we tried to grab a piano and practice, which didn't work out, because all the rooms with pianos in them were being used.  So, after much stress, we ended up not being able to practice, so we'll just have to throw it together some other time... :/  Musical events are more stressful to put together when you're a missionary...  Anyway, so then we sat down to eat lunch with our investigators (plates and forks also turned out to be difficult to secure), and when we pulled out the ulam, it had... turned an interesting texture... ^^''  We should have opened up the pot earlier that morning to let it air out, because after a few hours of sitting on the hot bus, it was... well, yes... But it still looked and smelled okay-ish, and we were hungry, so we ate it anyway.  That also didn't turn out to be the smartest thing in the world.  ;P  It tasted okay, but several of us weren't feeling great afterwards, including one of our investigators.  But, anyway, in the end, it still turned out okay.  Our investigators enjoyed the trip, despite not feeling so wunderbar afterwards.  It was just stressful.  :D

Anyway, things in general have been going alright.  We're still trying to do our best out here.

I hope Grandma's doing alright.  I'll include her in my prayers.  I'm hoping her surgery goes well.

7 or 8 am on Christmas should work okay with me, I think.  I think the zone's planning some sort of activity on Christmas Day (thus they moved P-day to Christmas), and so I'll have to talk to them about how everything's going to work.  Should be fine, though.  I'll let you know if anything changes.

I'm sending your Christmas package tomorrow in the hopes that it makes it to you by Christmas.  Hope you liiiiiike it!!  :D

Ennyway, not a lot else happened this week, so there's not a lot else to write about.  :D  So, until next week...

Ingat!!  Mahal ko kayo!  :D

Elder David Jones

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