Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fw: Howdy


Herro!  :D

Sounds like things are picking up now that school's starting again.  Hope everyone survives this school year.  :D

Richelle, DON'T GET SENIORITIS.  :D  It's really easy to do.  I know.  I caught it at about the end of my junior year.  Good luck with calculus... D:  I never took that one in high school.  Ask Darcy for help if you need it.  Math would probably hurt my head right now.  Especially that kind.  I took Digipen instead of Calculus my senior year and learned Java.  :D  Yaaaayyy Java...

To the band:  YOU CAN DO IT!!! :D
...Even though I have only a vague idea of what the show is even like, and how far along you are in it, since I'm thousands of miles away and schtuff...  But I just know this'll be the coolest show in the world!  :D  KAYA N'YO IYAN!!!

...A marching-band version of sleep?  That's interesting.. I'd love to see and hear it when I come home in 16 months.  Which means MAKE SURE AND GET A DVD OF THE SHOW AND STUFF SO I CAN SEE IT WHEN I COME HOME AT THE END OF TIME.  Thx.  :D

Richelle, good luck with those runs.  ;d  (Hur hur hur... Runs... :P )  YOU CAN DO IT!! Use a metronome. It really helps.  That's how I learned "Waterfall."

...Speaking of "Waterfall", I've just about got it learned now (except the very last octave run in the left hand.  It's haaaarrdd.... :P So for now, I've actually simplified it a bit so I can actually play all the way through to the end).  I'll be performing it on the 26th of September at a mission-wide music fireside thingy (so I'll need to make sure I don't screw it up.. ^^'' Cuz that'd be kinda embarrassing).

I've decided that I'd really like to listen to more of John Schmidt's music, since "Waterfall" was so cool (and John Schmidt's crazy), so if anyone's wondering what to get me for Christmas... >.>  I know, a bit early.. ^^'' Though they are starting to play Christmas music in all the restaurants.  They probably are over there, too, I'd imagine.

Ah, speaking of which, I tried those CD's you guys sent me (thanks again.  :D ).  The first one worked beautifully, and the MTC CD that Grandma sent me, of course, worked great, but the other one... didn't have anything on it.  :/  It was blank..  So... Ayos lang for now, I guess, but in the long run, I'd still kinda like those songs...

Ah, and yes, Darcy, I did find your tiny ninja star.  ;P

On a completely random note, I learned an amusing phrase recently:  "Don't problem the problem, or the problem will problem you."  It's amusing, because it sounds weird in English, but it's perfect grammar in Tagalog ("Huwag problemahin ang problema, o baka magpoproblema ang problema sa iyo").

Last Saturday, I took another trip back down to visit Boni 4th for another baptism.  :D  Sister Nonette De Gusman, Sister Jonalyn De Gusman, and Brother Christopher, who's last name I've forgotten (Nonette's nephew), were baptized on Saturday.  They are officially the first people that I've baptized that we found while tracting.  Everyone else before has been referrals.  At the time, we had gotten punted from another appointment, so we decided to go tracting, and when we knocked on their door and said we were missionaries, Sister De Gusman said, "I know.  Come in."  They were absolutely golden investigators ever since that first visit; they went to church that first week and continued going from then on, they read from the Book of Mormon, prayed, got a testimony, didn't have a problem with anything we taught, etc.  They were always the highlight to the day when we went and taught them.  And then on Saturday, after they were baptized, they all bore powerful testimony, especially Sister Jonah, who told about how she, at first, wasn't sure whether this was the right thing to do, but then one night she had a dream in which she saw the Savior, who reassured her about everything.  She went into more detail, but I don't have time right now to write all of it.  Brother Christopher, who's 12, got up and said, basically, "I'm happy I've been baptized and that I learned about the Book of Mormon.  I know that it's true and that Joseph Smith is a true prophet, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen," and then went back and sat down again.  o.o Short and simple. 

Afterwards, we visited Brother Douglas again, and I got to say hi to him (I also got to say hi to the other members of Boni 4th at the baptism.  :D ).  He's been staying steady with all his commitments, especially Word of Wisdom, since he was baptized last week, and he seemed a lot happier than before.  He also told an amusing story about how there were some people who came down from the nearby Catholic church earlier that day to teach some Bible lesson to all the little kids that usually play around there, but when they showed up, all the kids were gone.  They asked Brother Douglas, "Where'd all the little kids go that usually hang out here?"  "Oh, they're over there at the Mormon church.  There's some activity going on over there." :D IN YOUR FAAAAACE.

In other news, last Sunday, a family showed up at church that we didn't know (well, actually, there's a lot of those, since we're still new here, but these ones weren't members).  I don't know if someone referred them or not, but as far as I can tell from what Nanay said, she would pass by the church occasionally to visit a relative who lived close-by, and one morning, she decided to go check it out.  ...Well.  Okay.  :D  So we got their address and went and taught them, and so far, they've been really receptive.  I have high hopes for them.

Anyway, I'm well out of time now... D:  So, I'd better leave it at that.  Ingat kayo lagi!  :D Mahal ko kayo!!

Elder David Jones

P.S. Yes, Grandma Moore, I'm in the Philippines.  ...Yes, the Philippines.  Grandma, I'm in the Philippines.  ...The Philippines.  Yup.  ;D

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