Monday, September 6, 2010

Fw: September already?


Hey!  :D

Sorry if this email seems really super brief, but I'm really short on time.  We didn't get to email until late in the P-day today, so I only have about fifteen minutes (and counting down...) D:

On Saturday, I got to visit Boni 4th ward for the baptism of Brother Douglas Banu, who's been an investigator for about a month and a half now.  He was a referral of Brother Dimson.  I'm really happy for him; he's super humble and has had the desire to be baptized for some time now, but has been struggling quite a bit with Word of Wisdom.  He's finally managed to get it resolved, and I got to attend his baptism (and say hi to everyone in Boni 4th :D ).  They told me when I showed up (Comembo Chapel is about 45 minutes or so away (by jeepney, when there's traffic) from our apartment now) that Brother Douglas wanted me to perform the baptism.  Oh.  That would've been nice to know BEFORE I left so I could bring extra garments.  :P  I would've liked to, but no one told me in advance... So Elder Nye, my replacement in Boni 4th, performed the baptism instead.

...Sorry, Darcy, for falling on your head this week. I'll try to avoid that in the future.  ;P

Also, hello to Darcy's new computer!! :D  And sorry I don't have time to answer your email this week... D:

Kawawa naman si Keigo... If you're having trouble coming up with a name for the new one, you could always use cool names like "Pinakamakapangyarihan," "Nakakapagpabagabag," or "quan."  Actually, I kinda like 'quan'... :D  Have I told you about this before?  "Quan" actually comes from Spanish, and means... well, blank.  it's like the blank tile in Scrabble.  It can mean whatever you want it to.  :D  It's like a mysterious, universal... quan. -.- Use your imagination.  :D

It blows my mind that Alisha's getting married.  O.o Say congratulations for me.

In other news, I bought new speakers today.  :D  Because the old ones were too weak.  They were super quiet, and anytime the music would even get kinda loud, it would max them out and sound like trash.  So I bought new ones.  They work much better.  :D 

...My companion's reminding me that it's 6:00 and we need to go now...  Sorry.  Until next week, ingat kayong lahat lagi!! :D

Elder David Jones

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