Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fw: Hey!


Kamusta! :D

Didn't get a chance to e-mail yesterday, mostly because Tuesday night, we got hit by a minor hurricane.  o.o It was a bit scary; the wind was blowing like no other, it was raining like crazy, you could hear stuff getting blown around, tin roofs being blown off of houses.  It was crazy.  And we failed to close all the windows, so the apartment was a bit of a mess afterwards.  It was alright, didn't take too long to clean up.  The power was down in this whole part of the city for a good 24 hours or so.  So I think I have a pretty good excuse for not emailing yesterday.  ;P  Fortunately, when stuff like that happens, they let us email whenever we can, mostly because you still have to be able to email President once a week.

In other news, on Tuesday, we got our transfer announcements.  Elder Leavitt and I thought that we would probably be staying for another transfer, or, if not, I would be transferring since I've been here so long.  But, as it turned out, he's been transferred to Bonifacio 2nd ward (still within Makati Zone, just a few miles away), and I'll be staying here in Bonifacio 4th for yet another transfer.  I was actually a bit sad; Elder Leavitt's been my favorite companion so far, and it's been a lot of fun working with him.  We did a ton of hard work, and really pulled this area out of the dirt and built it up from where it was.  Now a lot's been placed on my shoulders to keep the work going in this area and keep our effectiveness from dropping.  Fortunately, my new companion is also a nice, hard worker.  My new companion is Elder Campos, from Mindanao (south part of the Philippines).  He's really cool, and really knows what he's doing as far as teaching and doing missionary work.  I'm looking forward to this next transfer.

Other than that, things have been fine.  I got the card from the band yesterday.  Thanks, everyone.  :D  It really meant a lot to know that you guys still care about me even though I'm way out here in the middle of nowhere.  :)

...No, Jeff Sisson, can't say I've spotted any Filipinos yet.  I'll let you know when I find one... >.>

Taylor Jackson, nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom, etc.  I'm glad we've come to an agreement.

And thanks to everyone else for your well-wishes.  It means a lot.

Anyway, I hope Richelle has fun on the trek.  It's a ton of walking, much of it in the hot sun, hauling a large handcart full of stuff, without any form of modern technology (except the random cars that pass by once in a while, and the videocamera, and whatever other fancy stuff they use), but it's a lot of fun.  :D  Hope you enjoy yourself out there.

Ouch.  I hope Dad's doing alright.  Sounds like he hurt his shoulder pretty bad.  I hope it's not serious.  But I'm glad he and Richelle have been having a good time playing baseball.

Something really cool happened last Saturday.  We were doing a bit of tracting, and we found someone who was, first of all, really interested in the pamphlets we were offering.  He said he liked reading the materials of different religious groups.  We started teaching him the first lesson, and he mentioned that he was part of some religious Brotherhood, one that didn't really believe in the Bible.  He said he still believed in God and Jesus Christ and everything, but that for a long time, the Bible was in the hands of the priests and clergy only, and not publicly available.  Thus, they removed important things to it and added things, and now there's a lot of things missing from it.  As we continued teaching him, he even mentioned at one point, and I quote, "In the Bible, we have the Old Testament and the New Testament, but there should be ANOTHER testament!  Where is it?"  When he said that, we decided to skip the rest of the lesson and immediately introduced the Book of Mormon, saying, "Brother, there is."  As we pulled it out, he was literally rubbing his hands together in excitement.  It was the coolest thing.  Talk about being prepared to hear the Gospel.  We'll be coming back to visit him tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to it.

Anyway, I'm about out of time for now.  Mahal ko kayo.  Until next week, take care. :)

Elder David Jones

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