Monday, July 19, 2010

Fw: Howdy

Cześć!  :D

Hurricane, tropical storm, typhoon, same thing.  It was really windy, it rained a lot, the apartment was a mess, and the power was out for a day.  :P

But anyway, it's good to hear Richelle survived the trek.  :D  She was in yellow company, huh?  I was in blue.  Sounds like they figured out a better way to get everyone up the giant hill.  Pretty much any way you do it, it's a pain, but that way sounds like it'd probably work better.  ...I remember that hill... ...That's a big hill... D:

Also good to hear that Dad hasn't been mortally wounded.  :D  Hope he feels better soon.

...It suddenly occurs to me how one-sided these emails sound to anyone else who's reading them... Hmm...  Oh well. :P

Things are going alright out here in Filipinoland.  The weather's finally cooling off a bit (that's a relative term...), which is a relief, and it's starting to rain more.

Since Elder Leavitt got transferred out, and I'm still left here in Boni 4th, I've become the senior in the area, since I know all the investigators and members in our area and where they live a lot better than my companion.  Thus, I'm in charge of leading the area.  I've learned something in the last few days.  Leading the area is stressful.  Leading the area is very stressful.  D:  I'm suddenly in charge of planning all our appointments, planning all our lessons, deciding where we'll go next, what we'll do, what the best use of our time will be, etc.  It's hard.  But one thing I've learned is that one of the best ways to learn and grow in a situation, the best way to learn to swim, so to speak, is to get shoved into the water.  I'm trying my best to stay afloat, and so far, it's going alright.  I haven't drowned yet...  Elder Campos, fortunately, knows what he's doing, and is really helpful most of the time.  My language skills, in speaking and listening, have been getting steadily better, and I'm hoping things will continue to go well.

They should, as long as I don't have a nervous breakdown in the next few days.  ^^'' I'll let you know...

I spent a lot of today plunking away at "Waterfall".  That's one good thing about staying another transfer in this area:  President Palomo has a piano keyboard downstairs that he lets me borrow on P-days.  It's... coming along.  It's hard.  I spent quite a lot of time working on the part where the right hand passes down this eighth-note run to the left hand, and then jumps over the left hand to hit a chord, and then jumps back up and picks the run up again from the left hand.  It's actually considerably harder than the part before, where the left hand repeatedly jumps back and forth over the right hand to hit a high G (Both of those sections sound really cool when they're played right, though).  John Schmidt's crazy.  I've heard that in some of his pieces, you have to use your elbow to hit some of the notes (Fortunately, not in "Waterfall").  He's crazy.

Anyway, that's about all for right now.  I hope Darcy does well with her finals.  Don't stress out!  =O  Like me... ^^''

Mahal ko kayo!  Until next week, ingat!

Elder David Jones


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