Monday, July 5, 2010

Fw: Happy 4th of July


Happy Fourth of July!! :D

...We don't get no fireworks over here... D:

But we did go over to the American Cemetery, a local WWII memorial, yesterday afternoon to celebrate.  It's nice and peaceful over there, and we actually met another group of Americans there, some kind of singing group or something.  It was pretty cool.

Meeting other Americans gets a bit awkward sometimes, because you have to try really, really, hard to speak pure English, and not Tagalog.  I don't even know what I'm going to do when I get home... ;P

In other news, tomorrow is my 6-month mark!  :D Hooray!  ...Just 18 months to go...

Saturday, we had another baptism (this transfer we've really been reaping the benefits of all our hard work last transfer), Brother Glenn Maniling, the best friend of Elder Micah De Ocampu, who left on his mission from this area last year.  He was referred by Sister De Ocampu, and has been a very strong investigator, and is now and will be a very strong new member of the Church.  I'm happy for him, and I'm grateful to the De Ocampu family for referring him.  Referrals, as I've pointed out, make the strongest converts.

Maybe I'll actually send pictures this week! :D ;P

I'm glad Richelle's having fun with baseball.  :D  I've never really been much good at baseball (as with all other sports except marching band...), but I'm glad she's enjoying it.  Now you have something to do instead of slowly going insane.  :D  Also, have fun on the Trek.  It's a lot of walking (and walking, and walking, and walking, and...), but it's a lot of fun.  :D  Good luck!

Hope everyone had a good time with fireworks this year (sounds like you had a ton.  Jealous ako.  :P ).

...No, I have not yet received a card from the band.  But now I have something to look forward to! :D  Showing up and surprising the newlyweds sounds like something Mr. J would do.  Sounds like it was a fun trip.

Yes, I did buy a new mp3 player.  :D  It's maganda.  Though, when I went to transfer all the songs onto it, I noticed a bunch of them were missing off the old one, namely, all of the ones that I wrote (Dream, Taniec, Missing, Reunion, and Memories), as well as a few others (I'm not sure exactly which ones;  I may send a more complete list when I figure out which ones I'm missing and would like to have back...).  In your birthday package (Salaaaamat! :D ), could you send a CD with those songs on it (I'm not sure if sending those by email is against mission rules, so it's probably best to avoid it)?

Other than that, I can't really think of what else I'd want for my birthday..  My clothes are all still holding up fine (the floods probably took about a month off my shoes, but for now, they're still okay..), and so far, my camera's been just fine (hopefully it'll stay that way... :P ).  I'll always accept more Skittles and Starburst and cookies and other American goodies that I can't get here.  :D  Those popsicle molds and Kool-Aid Mix might be pretty good (Tang mix is also really common around here, so I won't exactly run out anytime soon).  Peanut butter I can get for a reasonable price here, though, so I'll be fine there.  I can't think of anything else in specific.

"Waterfall" continues to be a challenge, but I spent a good couple hours of my P-day today plunking away at it (President Palomo, who we're renting our apartment from, has a keyboard, which has a built-in metronome, so I've been borrowing that on P-days), and made some pretty good progress.  I can play the intro now, as well as the first main chorus spot (where the left hand starts jumping over the right hand (John Schmidt's insane... D: )).  It's a work in progress...  I heard that John Schmidt apparently wrote "Waterfall" when he was sixteen (which is amazing) in order to go out with the hottest girl in school.  You know what?  If he can write a song like that at age sixteen, he bloody well deserves to go out with the hottest girl in school. ;P

Anyway, it's always good to hear from you.  :D  Hope everyone had a good Fourth of July.  Until next week, ingat! :D

Elder David Jones

Pictures! :D
1. Sister Sheila Famisaran's baptism, June 5, 2010.
2. Brother Ver Paje's baptism, June 27, 2010.
3. Brother Glenn Maniling's baptism, July 3, 2010.
4. Elder Leavitt, dressed in last transfer's Zone T-Shirt, which was awesomely Zelda-themed, and wielding a brand-new coconut knife that I've run out of time to tell the story about.  Coolest picture ever.  :D

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