Monday, May 24, 2010

Fw: Hey!

Herro!  :D

Got your email about halfway through my email time.  I was starting to worry.  ^^''

I'm glad you all like my new hat. :D (Except Richelle.  I actually kind of expected her to think it was weird. ;P)  I kinda wish I could wear it while proselyting.  It's a cool hat, and looks pretty good with the proselyting clothes.  And the missionary handbook doesn't say anything about hats... Hmm... Anyway, it's on my list of things to ask the Mission President about the next time I see him.  I suspect he'll say "No", though. >.> Darn.

Boy, those postcards got there fast.  o.o I thought it'd take longer than that.  But I'm not complaining.  ^^''

Anyway, glad to hear the concert went well.  Half an hour late, over here, by the way, is considered "On Time."  That's called "Filipino Time." :D  Tell everyone congratulations for me, even though I wasn't there to hear it.

...Alisha's getting married?? And Kelly Northrup got married, too?  Grabe... Everyone's getting hitched while I'm gone... ^^''  Tell them congratulations for me.  And say hi to Kevin for me, too.  :D Also, tell Aunt Melissa congratulations for her new baby.

Speaking of marriage, we've been having a number of problems with investigators not being married.  One of the reasons is that it's kind of a pain over here.  The process takes a while, and you need all kinds of papers and stuff.  So most people are like, "Getting married is a pain.  Let's just live together and pretend we're married or something."  Which makes our job a little harder, since they can't get baptized until they're married.  >.>  It's like, "You've been living together for so long.. Just get married. It's not THAT hard." :P

We've also been getting "punted" a lot lately ("Oh, sorry, they're not home," or "Maybe next time, we're busy").  Getting investigators to progress is like pulling teeth sometimes ("READ THE BOOK OF MORMON.  IT'S GOOD FOR YOU.")  Also, Filipinos are kind of non-sequitor sometimes.. You ask them, "Hey, how are you?  How has your day been?", and they'll answer, "Ah, wala po sila," or "They're not here."  "...That's not what I asked..." >.>  It's like, "What time is it?"  "I LIKE PINEAPPLES."  ...Right.

Anyway, we're trying hard, and doing the best we can.  It's frustrating sometimes, because we find lots of people to teach, but it doesn't do any good if they won't progress or keep commitments.  We end up teaching a lot of "White man lessons," which basically means that people just let you in because you're American, and they're not actually interested in your message.  Bah.  It's frustrating.  But we're doing what we can.

Yesterday I saw a poster hanging on someone's house that said, "POLSKA".  It made my day. :D  Also, today, while we were shopping for groceries at "Market! Market!", a local mall, we passed by their music section, and they had a Flugelhorn there for only like, 10,000 pesos, or about $200.  I was like, D: "AHWANTIT."  I don't know how good it was, because I didn't get to try it or anything... but I wanted to.  D: D: D:

Ah, alas.  But anyway, things have been going pretty well.  Hope all is well at home.  Mahal ko kayo!  Ingat!

Elder David Jones

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