Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fw: Hey!

Kamuschta! :D

This morning we went to the People's Park in the Sky in the Tagaytay province for a zone activity.  It was beautiful.  I've sent pictures.  I've been in the hot, dirty city for so long that seeing the beautiful province and feeling the fresh air was such a relief.  You have no idea.  And one of the most beautiful things about the trip was the utter quiet.  The city's so noisy that I'd almost forgotten what silence is.  It's a beautiful thing.

But it's over now, and we're back in the hot, noisy, dirty city again.  ;P Oh well...

I bought a new hat, though.  :D  I thought it looked cool.

Also included is a picture of a jeepney, for those who were wondering about that.  Basically a big, diesel-engine truck.  Sorta reminds me of a big tank.  They're kinda cool.  Inside, there's two rows of seats facing each other, and everyone just sorta jams themselves in.  They usually fit about twenty people.  Some are more comfortable than others.  After they get in, people pass up their pay (usually about 10 to 20 pesos, depending on how far you're going), to the driver or to someone working as a collector, saying, "Bayad po!"  Then, when they want to get off, "Para po!"

Mom, thanks for the insight.  Really, that's our relationship with our Heavenly Father;  we, his children, are simply on a trip to mortality, and though we don't remember our heavenly homes, we can still remember his voice if we try.  I hadn't really thought of it in quite that way.

Boy, that service project was weeks ago.  :P It was pretty fun.  We wandered around a few streets and cleaned up trash.  A lot of trash.  Made it look nice there for at least a little while.  We try to do community and member service as often as we can.  A few weeks ago, we helped someone work on their roof (Elder Leavitt helped mostly, since he worked construction before his mission.  I did what I could, but I'm not as skilled in that area), yesterday we helped Lehi's family move (within the ward, though just barely.  It would've been a bit sad if he'd moved out completely...), and today after we came back from the trip to Tagaytay, we helped one of our investigators, Das Bustamante, harvest coconuts.  That was kind of fun.  One person climbed up on one of the walls or up on the roof, and knocked the coconuts down with a stick (We're not allowed to climb the tree itself.  One missionary got pretty severely injured once falling from a coconut tree, so now it fits under the "Don't Do Anything Stupid" rule), and the others down below did their best to stay out of the way and not get smacked by coconuts.  Then we helped get the shells off of the coconuts, which is a pain.  :P  It involves a large knife and a good amount of skill, which I don't have in that area.  ;P  Takes practice.

Glad to hear the Spokane trip went relatively well, and everyone had fun.  Ah, the sweet joys of scrambling around trying to find a stupid school to stay at in a neighborhood where you don't feel like you're going to get shot.  Fun stuff... ;P  Ah, and tell Mr. J that I've noted that a good majority of the kids around here would fit in well at Pleasant Glade... I'm sure he'll appreciate that.

Also, GOOD LUCK AT THE CONCERT TOMORROW, NORTH THURSTON BAND!!!  Remember, JUST BE PERFECT!! :D  Or, as one of the Elders here says, "BE BEST!"

I have a feeling I'm going to end up like Brother T. from Camp Helaman when I get home:  "This reminds me of a story from my mission!"  Here's one that happened last week:  We were tracting one day, and we came across one family (one who probably just let us in because we're white... That happens sometimes...), and there was one kid who was sitting kind of off to the side with one hand in his pants holding the fabric up away from him.  O.o  We asked about it, and they were like, "Oh, he got circumcised a few hours ago."  ...Oh.  Right.  Well.  Ow.  Good luck with that one, kid.  o.o You have no idea how awkward it is to teach a lesson with a kid sitting in the back with one hand in his pants, even more so when you know the reason why... X/ Then, later, after we finished with the lesson, one of the sisters asked Elder Leavitt, "Has that happened to you, Kuye?" ...WELL, THAT'S KIND OF A PERSONAL QUESTION.  It was pretty hilarious.  Most awkward lesson we've ever taught...

In other news, the pineapples here are quite tasty.  That is all.

I've still got a little while yet to think about what I want for my birthday.  I'll let you know if I think of something.  I'm excited to get your package.  :D  I'll probably spend a considerable amount of time on P-days practicing once it comes.

Anyway.  That's all for this week.  Love you all!  Ingat!

Elder David Jones

1. Jeepney! :D
2. View of Tagaytay from People's Park in the Sky.  Napakaganda.
3. Me n' mah new hat.  Say what you wish; I like it.  :P
4. Makati Zone po! :D  Arranged by batch;  those going home soonest are up front. Yeah, that's me... Way in the back... ;P


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