Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fw: Hello


Heeey!! :D

Sounds like things are pretty exciting at home.  :D  Glad to hear things are going well.  The band lock-in sounds amazing.  Glad everyone had fun. :D  Also, tell Aunt Melissa good luck and congratulations for me.  One of our investigators is actually having a baby soon as well.  Also.. The basses are outnumbered in the church choir?  That's medyo baliktad (a bit reversed).. ^^''

This last week has been fun.  We've been working super hard; harder, probably, than I've ever worked before.  But it's been tons of fun.  The language has been coming along better, and I can really feel the Lord working through me as I teach.  There's still a lot I need to learn, a lot I need to work on, but it's coming along.  It's exciting.  :D

Next Monday is election day, which is both good, exciting, and a bit scary.  :/  Good, because after the election, all those stupid, noisy election cars will be gone.  Yaaaaay...  Aaaaand, exciting and scary, because... Well, apparently things get exciting and scary around election day here.  Like.  We're not allowed to leave the apartment next Monday so if any sort of riot breaks out, we don't end up in the middle of it.  :/  Fun stuff...  So, I'll have plenty of time to hang around the apartment and call home!  :D

Today was temple day, which is always a good experience.  The Manila Temple is beautiful.  I haven't had a chance to bring my camera yet, but I'll try and get pictures eventually.  My companion and I did some Washings and Anointings for the dead today, and as we were working, while most of the names were Spanish names, of few German names came up.  :D  I had lots of fun being able to pronounce them better than the temple workers.  Nerf nerf nerf.

Ah, and for those who were wondering who the random friend request is from, Lehi Surio is one of the ward missionaries in my area, getting ready to serve his own mission in a few months.  He's still waiting on his call.  He's really cool; he's really fun to work with, and he's one of my favorites. He'd mentioned that he'd found my Facebook page and sent a request that will gather cobwebs until I get back, by which time he will probably be on his mission.  ^^''  And he also mentioned he'd found my mga kapatid (brethren or family) and friended them as well.  So, that's who he is, for those who were wondering.

In other news, I accidentally stole a hat with my umbrella yesterday... O.o I was walking by with my umbrella out (Filipinos use umbrellas whether it's raining or not, as they offer good protection from the baking sun.  I thought it was weird at first when, last transfer, my companion pulled one out when there wasn't a cloud in the sky, but then realized it was a darned good idea and pulled mine out as well), and passed by a small store with clothes items out on display.  After we passed it, I noticed my umbrella was heavier than it was supposed to be, and I realized that there was a hat attached to it.  O.o Smooth...  I, of course, returned it, laughing quite a bit.

Speaking of umbrellas, the rainy season's starting.  Minor flooding makes investigators more interesting to reach...

Aaaaanyway, this Sunday is Mother's Day, so I will phone you all Monday morning, which will be Sunday evening for you.  So, I'll talk to you all then.  While I'm hiding in my apartment hoping nothing bad happens.. ^^''

Mahal ko kayo!  Ingat!


Elder David Jones

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