Monday, February 22, 2010

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Magandang hapon! :D (Translation by Google : "Good Afternoon")

Things are still going well here. Only two weeks until we hop on a plane and head out. We'll probably get our flight plans sometime this week. Eksayted ako! :D (Google fails at this one.)

I'm sending some pictures in the mail today (they have a fancy photo printing maching thingy here in the bookstore). You'll probably get those on Thursday or something. Most of them turned out all right. I don't imagine they'll have one of those fancy machines in the Philippines, though, so I'm not sure what I'll do then. Probably email.  I'll figure something out.

Speaking of sending stuff, my teacher mentioned once that when you're sending packages to the Philippines, if you don't want them tampered with or stolen, it helps to tape a pass-along card or something with a picture of Christ on it to the outside of the package. People in the Philippines have a lot of respect for that, so they usually won't mess with a something that has a picture of Jesus on it.  Also, like David Delimont said, make sure the package is well-sealed so bugs don't eat all my cookies. ;P

Anyway. I haven't gotten an invitation in my mailbox to sing in a devotional or anything yet, but I'm still waiting. At this point, I think they'll probably schedule me for one of the last devotionals before I leave. We'll see.

We get to walk around the temple grounds and take pictures every Sunday (except yesterday, because it was cold and snowy and no one wanted to go), and we attend the temple every week on P-day. It's pretty fun. On last week's temple walk, there was a group singing hymns, so, of course, I went and joined them. It was great. They say we'll get to go to the temple in Manila once a transfer out in the field, so once every six weeks.  I think Brother May said they do the session in English (fortunately), and if you want, you can have it translated into Tagalog. If you want.

Speaking of Brother May, he proposed to his girlfriend this weekend. We'll probably hear about how it went tonight in class. :D

In other news, read this and ponder it in your hearts for a few minutes: "Sa kaliwa! Umatras ngayon! Isang hop itong beses! Isang hop itong beses!" That is all. (Goggle makes the tranlation as "Left! Retreat today! One hop this time! One hop this time!" I guess he wants us to dance.)


Elder David Jones

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