Monday, February 15, 2010

Fw: The mysterious letter 'n'

Sent: Monday, February 15, 2010 2:00 PM
Subject: The mysterious letter 'n'

Did you know...

In Mosiah, Chapter 18, verse 12, where it says "...Alma took Helam, he being one of the first...", the letter 'n' in 'being' is bolded. In every copy of the Book of Mormon. It's creepy. There is no reason for this. Or IS there? =O

...No, probably not. :P But if you're in for a laugh, read Jeremiah 4:19-21 with bad digestion in mind... Bahahaha...

Ahem. Anyway. Kamusta ang bawat isa? Everyone still doing well?

This week, the older district in our zone is leaving for the Philippines, including Elder Newman. It's kinda sad; I'll miss them. They're all really cool, and the MTC won't be the same without them. But on the other hand, I wish them all luck on their missions. They'll do well.

I'm also kind of jealous. I can't wait to get out of here... :P

Brother May and Sister Leatham, our teachers, have been telling us all kinds of stories about the Philippines. Apparently, according to Brother May, you learn to get along just fine with spiders. Kasi, spiders have "spider space": corners; dark, spooky spaces; underneath stuff, etc. That's spider space. Cockroach space is everywhere. Cockroaches are not your friends.

Fun stuff. :P

But anyway. I'm glad the band concerts and stuff went well. :D Let me know how Solo and Ensemble and All-State go. Those are both coming up sometime this month, right?

I hope your hip surgery goes well. Elder Newman had surgery for some kind of hernia or something. He's doing okay, and they're letting him leave for the Philippines on time. I think he's probably at the airport in Salt Lake right now as I'm writing this. Anyway, setting off all the metal detectors should be fun. :D

About Taniec... Hmm.. I wouldn't... for two reasons: first of all, I think Mr. J. would probably prefer to have me there while the band plays it , just so they can have the composer's perspective on what it's supposed to sound like and everything; and, second, printing individual parts is a pain. :P Finale's not very good about preventing slurs and dynamic marks and things from running into each other and into the notes, and even if you know how to work Finale, it's frustrating thing to sort out. It's probably best to just wait until after my mission before doing anything like that. :/ It's a nice idea, though.

You eated all my Hershey's treasures?! D: That treasure be accursed, ya know! Yargh!! :P

The story about your last basketball game was highly amusing. XD It made my day. Tell everyone hi for me. Oh, and tell the Polish students czesc for me, too, even though it sounds like I probably don't know any of them.

"Wild Nights" sounds fun, even though it's not a Holsinger piece. Hope it goes well. :D

Anyway. That's about all I've got for now. Except: TELL ALL MY FRIENDS TO LIKE. WRITE TO ME AND STUFF. I'D APPRECIATE IT. Thanks. :P Ingat!

Elder David Jones

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