Monday, February 8, 2010

Fw: I was too lazy to come up with a subject line, so here you go.

Subject: I was too lazy to come up with a subject line, so here you go.

Kumusta! :D

Sorry about accidentally sending like 5 copies of the same email last time. I clicked "Send," and it didn't seem to do anything, so I hit it a few more times until it worked, and then I realized that it sent it 5 or 6 times. Yay, MyLDSMail. :P

Anyway, things are still going fine. I'm actually really thankful for the training center, because it gives me the opportunity to make mistakes and screw things up in a safe environment right now, so I hopefully don't do the same thing in the field. :D

Elder Newman, our Australian roommate, had surgery last week, and so he's in a lot of pain right now. I'm hoping he'll recover soon. :/

Thanks for the package. :D Om nom nom...

Also, Aunt Mira, thanks for your package, too (if you're reading this, which you probably are). I would send you a more formal thank-you note, but I don't have your return address, so this will have to do.

You're insane. Enough said.
But anyway, how did the UW concert go? I remember doing that sophomore year. It was fun. And you guys played American Elegy? Mahal ko ang iyang pag-awit! Pinakamaganda siya. That's one of my favorite songs. :D Who played the off-stage trumpet solo? Haha and during which section did Alex add his own "Random crashing noises" part to the song? XD I'll bet that was amusing.
Tell Mr. J. that you guys should play through "Shoot, Wisconsin" in class at least once, if for nothing else than for your own amusement. :P
R.I.P., maracas...

So, in other news, last weeks some of the other Elders were randomly trying to see if they could jump high enough to hit their head on the ceiling (don't ask why...), and one of them succeeded. When he hit the ceiling, the tile flipped up, and a banana fell out and plopped on the floor. A dead, shriveled banana that's probably been up there for years. XD It was AMAZING.

On another random note, why can't the ocean go to Heaven? Because it's made out of salt water, so it's "TUBIG ASIN!!!" Bahahahahahaha....

Ahem. Anyway. Until next week, then. :D
Mahal kita!
--Elder David Jones

P.S. If Google Translate fails at life, David Delimont's probably a more reliable source.


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