Monday, October 31, 2011

Fw: It's time for the spooks to come out!

Hiiiii!  :D

We went shopping today at the local mall, SM Bicutan, and there were a bunch of kids all dressed up in costumes.  Nothing elaborate, mostly just masks and light-up devil horns and things.  ^^''  A lot of people have been selling random Halloween stuff out on the street for the past couple days.  Halloween isn't as big of a holiday over here, but the kids do still go trick-or-treating.  All-Saints Day is a bigger event, where everyone traditionally goes to the cemetery to visit their deceased ancestors.  It's great and all, but it often means that investigators and members like to go on vacation for a few days, leaving us with no one to go teach for the day.  :P

I'd send pictures of what I'm dressing up as for Halloween, but it'd look exactly like all the other pictures I've sent so far... ;P  And I'm lazy and don't feel like sending pictures.  :D  It's okay, you'll see them all in a month and a half anyway.

Darcy and Richelle did a very nice job on the Zelda costume.  :D

>.>  Heeeyyyy.... Darcy stole my Davy Jones costume...

Scaring the sinigang out of little kids in a zombie costume sounds like so much fun... :D

Things have been improving in the work lately.  The members have started giving us more referrals, and things have been picking up a bit.  A lot of the members are really willing to help.  On Sunday Bishop encouraged the members to share the gospel with their friends and gave them copies of the Book of Mormon to give to people.

Our investigators have been struggling lately in coming to church.  The baptismal dates we've had set for the coming weeks will have to be moved back to December so they can better prepare.  :/  So we'll be focusing more on helping them get to church.

We went back and taught Jestoni and Jay Ann again for the first time in a while, and we were able to talk with them better than we were last time.  Jay Ann still doesn't want to be baptized, but we got a better idea of why.  She said she's not very active in the Catholic church, since her kids are obnoxious, and so she doesn't really want to change religions because she doesn't feel like she can promise that she'll be active in our church, either.  It's a good enough reason, and so we promised that we would help them to become more spiritually active and invited them to come to church this coming Sunday.  I figure we'll just help her become more active in the true church, and then once she feels stronger, we'll bring up the invitation to be baptized again.

Hope the band does well at Auburn.  YOU CAN DO IT!!!

You know what's fun is no one in our apartment knows how to cook.  So we've all been living off of canned food for the past couple weeks.  It's been great.  ;D  We've been trying to make sure that we buy fruit and vegetables, too, so we don't die of malnutrition.  ^^''

Elder Ardern, of the Seventy, is coming to Manila this week for a mission tour.  He's the one who talked about setting priorities and using time wisely ("There's got to be something more productive you can do with your time than catapulting angry birds at a concrete wall...") at General Conference.  We'll get to meet him and hear him speak on Wednesday.

Anyway, that's about it for this week.  Only a month and a half to go...  Ingatz!

Elder David Jones

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