Monday, March 7, 2011

Fw: Beware the Ides of March

Herro!  :D
No, I haven't gotten Aunt Mira's package yet... :/  Baka kinain ng mga lamgam... Hopefully they can find it, cuz I haven't gotten anything yet... I also haven't gotten the calender or medical card yet.
Anyway, now that that's out of the way, I'm doing pretty well.  Last Tuesday, we had interviews with President.  First of all, he told me that I would probably transfer next transfer, since I've been here since the dawn of time... ^^''  It'll be sad to leave this area, since I've gotten to know and love Molino 1st Ward so well, but it has to happen eventually, I guess...  I'll probably miss this ward just as much as I miss Boni 4th.  So now I'm doing my best to finish out strong in this area and keep our investigators progressing toward baptism.  We have a number of them coming on quite strong right now, including Mexi Surigao, who we've been working on since I've been here.  Like I felt when I left Boni 4th, it doesn't really matter much to me where I go after this, just NOT PALAWAN.  It may be the most beautiful place in the mission, but it's so far away that if you get transferred there, you don't get to come back to witness baptisms.  That would make me sad.  :(
Then President told me that I would become a district leader.  I wasn't entirely surprised at first, because I'd sorta been expecting that calling to come soon.  But as he continued, it slowly dawned on me that he didn't mean that I would be a district leader next transfer, like I thought he meant.  He meant that, as of that moment, I'm a district leader NOW.  o.o  Oh.  Okay...  Apparently, Elder Eneja, the old district leader, made a mistake earlier in the transfer (nothing serious, he just did something slightly dumb like sending a Valentine's Day card to someone in his area), and so President's had him step down, and he's having me take over.
So now I'm a district leader.  o.o  I've been spending the last few days sorta scrambling to figure out all the duties and responsibilities of a district leader so I can do my best to fulfill my new calling.  It was real sudden for everyone, so it's taking a bit of time to adjust. 
Yesterday was a victory for us.  :D  About an hour before church, we went down to a certain subdivision in our area called Soldier's Hill, and came back out a few minutes later with a small crowd of investigators ready to go to church.  Mexi was one of them, who was finally able to go to church again after almost two months of not being able to (YES!!!!), and she brought two of her friends with her (one of whom is named Jones.  Jones Dela Cruz.  O.o  That was a bit of an interesting conversation when we first met him...), and we also brought a few others who we invited this last week, one of whom is an old blind nanay who really has strong (if slightly misdirected) faith in the Lord (I was glad she came; and equally glad she didn't do anything embarrassing like shout "Purihin ang Diyos!"  or "Hallelujah!" or something to that effect in the middle of Sacrament meeting, like she likes to do sometimes in the middle of lessons....)  Mexi, as she walked in the church, was like, "I missed this place..."  I was really glad she was able to come to church again.  Our goal is for her to be able to come these four weeks (four weeks in a row is the requirement) of March, now that her schedule has cleared up more, so she can be baptized on April 2nd.  She really wants to, and has for a while, but there's been all kinds of stuff that's snuck in the way in the past.  I'm hoping things are finally coming together for her.  All in all, we had thirteen investigators at sacrament meeting.  It was like, YESSSSS.  :D  Hopefully, all of those investigators can continue coming in the next few weeks.
I've decided my next project is going to be John Schmidt's "Tribute".  It's not as freakishly fast or hard to learn as the other two songs I've learned, but it's really pretty.  I like it.  :D
Anyway, the time grows short (that sentence seems like an oxymoron... O.o ).  Transfer day isn't until March 23, so I still have a few more weeks here in Molino before I get shipped off somewhere else.  Love you all!  :D  Until next week, ingatz!
Elder David Jones
P.S.  In other news, mango season is coming around, causing the price of mangoes to drop considerably.  That makes me a happy Elder Jones. :D

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