Monday, January 3, 2011

Fw: Happy New Year!

Herro!  :D
HAAAAAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D Maligayang bagong taon!!! :D
So on New Year's, we went to a member's house and had dinner first, about 5 pm or so.  They had these cute little baked piggies there made out of bread.  We had fun making squealing noises as we ate them.  Bahahaha.  Then, about 6 pm, we retreated back to the apartment.  Why?  BECAUSE IT WAS BLOODY WORLD WAR THREE OUTSIDE!!!  Everybody and his bloody horse lightin' off fireworks!  (The Tagalog word for "firework" is "paputok", in case anyone was wondering...).  The scariest thing was probably the mostly unsupervised 10-to-12-year-olds tossing firecrackers into the streets.  I tended to keep my distance from those. >.> So, yeah, we stayed at the apartment for New Year's.  ^^'' Elder Magbanua made a "Graham cake", which was pretty tasty.  We bought a few small packs of pop-its and those popper things that you pull the string and they explode (Anything much bigger than that's not allowed).  Elder Eneja, one of our apartmentmates, ended up booby-trapping the apartment with the poppers, so every once in a while you'd open a door and it would explode.  That was fun.  When 12 o' clock rolled around, the fireworks outside intensified, and to help welcome 2011, I grabbed a rice pot and a spoon and beat the crap out of it while singing "He's a Jolly Good Fellow" at the top of my lungs.  :D
The rice pot's seen better days.
Anyway, hope you guys are having a good 2011 so far.  We are.  Elder Magbanua's a really nice person, and so far, we work fairly well together.  I think this will be a good transfer.  He's really humble and fun to work with.  He also kinda looks like me when he wears glasses.  It's kinda weird... o.o
Today was the first real P-day we've had in a while where there wasn't a zone or district activity pasted on top of it.  Yay!  It's amazing, we ACTUALLY managed to get all the cleaning, washing, and shopping that done that needs to happen on P-day!  ;P  We also went down to the church and I finally had a chance to really practice "All of Me" for the first time in a long time (it's harder when we don't have a nearby member who owns a keyboard like back in Makati...).  It's... a hard song.  Really hard.  I'm hoping to have it ready by the Easter fireside in April.  Time's really limited though... And it's really hard... o.o
Why, yes, I did get a new camera.  :D  We went and bought one after transfer meeting last Wednesday.  Elder Magbanua actually really helped me find a nice one at a decent price.  There's a lot of only slightly-legitimate stores here, even inside the mall, where you're not always guaranteed to find something that will last longer than a week, but Elder Magbanua knew how to tell if a store was legitimate, and helped me find a nice camera.  I like it.
The three pictures I sent actually came from three different cameras. The first one was from the new one, the second from Elder De Gusman's camera, and the third from my old camera, with the black spots cleverly placed in a way where they wouldn't hide someone's face.
I've been meaning to shine my shoes for a while now, but there's never any time.. :/ The soles are just about disintegrated, too... ^^'' I need to get those repaired sometime.
Ah, I forgot to mention last week.  They didn't have your package yet at transfer meeting last Wednesday.  :(  I was quite upset.  I guess I'll have to wait until Zone Conference on Monday.  Sad day... I am looking forward to the calendar, though.  :D
I wish everyone here would put requests for blessings to the Elders' Quorum President... :P  Most people here just ask the missionaries to do it, even though we're not supposed to be the ones in charge of that...
In other news, apparently, the social rules on breastfeeding babies in this part of the world are disturbingly different than back at home... o.o  ...that's all I'll say about that...
Ahem, anyway, I wish Darcy good luck this year in college!  :D  Good luck!!!! (I actually don't think there is a Tagalog word for "good luck".  So good luck na lang).  Have fun waking up at O dark thirty... (we get to wake up that early to go to zone conferences and things every once and a while... It's so much fun... D: )
Also, good luck to Richelle for the last semester of her high school career.  DON'T GET SENIORITIS.  Verily, verily, I say unto you, senioritis never was happiness.  ;P  (Here in the mission, they call it 'trunkiness').
Anyway, I'm about out of time now.  Happy new year!!!  Mahal ko kayo!  Ingat!
Elder David Jones
P.S. I think it's spelled "Bocci ball."  Not sure on that one, though.

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