Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fw: Happy Anniversary!

Herro!! :D

Sorry if I seem more or less out-of-commission today... :/  I'm sorta running on fumes... Monday we got up at about 4 am to go to Makati for Zone Conference, Tuesday we got up at about 5 for District Meeting, and this morning we got up at 4:00-ish to go to the temple so we could go almost sleep through an endowment session...  Honestly, P-day and Temple Day need to be on separate days so I can actually go to the temple at a decent hour of the day so I can fully enjoy the experience (instead of being so bloody tired that I struggle to stay awake throughout the session), and then still have an opportunity to do all the things that I need to on P-day.  :P But, anyway, enough complaining...

So, yeah, a little bit running on fumes today... D:  The Tagalog term is "puyat".  Which is kinda funny, because one of the Sisters in our zone is Sister Puyat...  I told her the day she got here, "Magpahinga ka na lang, para hindi ka na mapuyat."  Hur hur hur...  I hope that translates.

Monday was like Christmas all over again.  :D  First of all, they've started letting us use cell phones, which makes contacting investigators and members and ward missionaries SO much easier so we can confirm appointments and avoid annoying lacks of communication.

And second, I finally got your guys' package!  :D Yaaaaaaaay!!!  Everything mostly turned out okay. ^^'' A number of the Christmas cookies took some damage, but the ones in the tin are fine (the tin has an interesting dent in it, but the cookies are fine).  I be discoverin' Darcy's chest o' gold burrried in a baggy o' cookie crumbs (yes, crumbs... ^^' ).  The CD's are in good condition (Ahahaha, Jinohn Schmidt n'yo ako.  Marami na akong John Schmidt.  Salaaaaamat. :D ).  Unfortunately, I don't have a CD player, and I haven't had a chance to transfer them onto my mp3 yet.  I'll probably have a member do it this weekend, since doing it on public computers is expensive.  The fudge is delicious, thank you.  :D  I'll try not to make myself sick.  ^^''  The calender actually might have been better right at the beginning of my mission, since it has 24 months on it, but I like the pictures on it.  Bahahaha.

The twinkies didn't make it.  They's kinda flat.  But they's still delicious.  ^^''

A pack of Skittles also came open (NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!), but that's alright; I'll live.

The milk turned out fine.  I shall enjoy it thoroughly.  :D

So, yeah, it got a little bit beaten up on the way here, but everything's mostly fine.  Besides the CDs, which I haven't been able to listen to yet, I enjoyed the pictures the most.  Send me more of those.  :D  Man, I miss marching band.  That looks like it was a really cool show.  I can't wait to see the video when I get back.  Btw, Richelle, I'd like to point out that they DIDN'T HAVE SUNGLASSES BACK IN THE PIONEER DAYS.  Thought you'd like to know.  ^^''  Those are some pretty cool shots, though.  In that first trek one, the one taken after the woman's pull, Richelle almost looks like she's throwing up the "Gwapo" sign.  Bahaha...

The Nangangagatwhatever Falls (can't remember the name) look beautiful.  And the picture you Photoshopped turned out kinda cool.  Even though I look like a creepy, gwapo ghost.  ;D


My apartmentmates were all like, "What's Thing 1 and Thing 2?"  I guess Dr. Seuss isn't that popular in the Philippines...

Thanks also to Grandma Nancy for the Tabernacle Choir CD.  :D  I love the Orchestra at Temple Square, especially when they pull out the bell choir.  Ang ganda!

Thanks everyone for all the presents and everything!! :D :D  Maraming maraming salaaaaaamat!!!! :D  Merry Christmas!!  (A little late, but ayos lang 'yan).

Anyway, I'm about out of time.  I hope you have enjoyed this damage report of the Christmas package.  ^^''  Happy 2011, everyone!  Love you all!  Ingatz!

Elder David Jones

P.S.  Glad everyone enjoyed the Christmas cards I sent.  I saw those at the mall once, and was like, THAT'S PERFECT!! :D  So I bought them and sent them out.  If you haven't already figured it out yet, and would like to know what your card says, the translation's written on the back.  Eee hee hee...  ;D

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