Monday, November 8, 2010

Fw: Brrr....


Kamuschta! :D

I feel all American and schtuff today.  ;P  We went to MoA (Mall of Asia) today (no, not the biggest mall in the world--that one's in China, under the same name--but it was pretty big), and went bowling.  :D  Yaaaay bowling!  :D  I actually did pretty good, considering I haven't played in a year or so.  I got 93 on the first game (I was hoping to break 100, but I screwed up the last frame and gutterball'd...), and then 117 on the second game.

Then we went to the food court and ate Subway. 

Suuuuuuuuuuuubbbbwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! :DDDDDD

...I suppose you'd appreciate my joy better if you hadn't had Subway within the past 10 months either.  It was magically delicious.  :DDDDDD

There's not very many of them here, because Filipinos aren't that fond of them.  There's like, no rice and stuff. :/

But to an American, it was PURE JOY.  Om nom nom.


We've honestly been struggling a bit lately.  Our investigators all have issues.  Big ones.  :P  One of them is planning on moving to Austrailia soon, so she's filing her papers for her visa now, so if she changes religions now or anytime soon, it'll delay EVERYTHING, so she's going to wait until after she moves to Austrailia to get baptized, which will probably be somewhere around next April or May... Tatay Freddie, the old man we found a few weeks ago living alone, finally started getting visits from his family, who told him not to go to church because of his health, which is really a legitimate concern, and not to get baptized, because the whole family is Catholic, etc, etc, etc.  Since he relies on his family for support, he says he'll do what his family tells him.  So, in spite of the testimony he's gained, he's completely rejected us--gave back the Book of Mormon and everything--and is now moving to Las Pinas with his family.  Another, who was just referred to us yesterday, has a monstrous court case he needs to resolve in Davao before he can get baptized.  Buddy, who I wrote about last week, while he's one of the nicest people I've ever met, and while he's really intelligent and has a lot of things correct about the Gospel, he refuses to believe that there was a Great Apostasy, and thus a need for the Restoration, and thus refuses to believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet (I read more Bible verses in our last lesson with him than I've ever used before in a single lesson...).  He does still seem interested in the Book of Mormon, though.  We showed him in our lesson last Sunday that the Book of Mormon is, at the very least, worth studying.  We're working on him.  Anyway, the list goes on...  Yesterday, for the first time in my mission, none of our investigators came to church.  Zero is a sad number to report to the zone leaders on Sunday night... :/

...Needless to say, I'm a bit stressed.  :D  I think today's activity in MoA was actually really good for me.  It helped me just relax and enjoy myself for a few hours, at least.

...Unfortunately, we spent a good chunk of our P-Day time over there, so now I'm going to have to scrounge to find any time to wash my clothes.  I didn't have time to wash them last week, either, because we went to the beach last week.  :P  That's the problem with zone activities.  That's why they usually limit them to once a transfer...

So, anyway, that's me this week.

Send my regards to Mr. J..  :/  Relaaaaaax!!!! :D  Hope you're doing alright.  Pagaling ka na! (Get better)

Actually, President Howard went in for surgery last week, too, for a cracked rib, I think.  I hope and pray that he'll recover soon, too.

Also, congratulations to the marching band!!  :D :D :D  Yaaaay!!!  Good job, you guys!!  Alam ko noon pa na kayang-kaya n'yo 'yan!! (I knew you could do it!)

...I won't even ask how Ferndale did... ;P I'm not sure I wanna know...

In other news, Christmas and New Year's are approaching.  :D  I made an interesting note that in a primarily Christian nation such as the Philippines, people aren't afraid to play REAL CHRISTMAS SONGS IN PUBLIC PLACES like they are in America, lest they OFFEND someone.  What a concept.  :P

...I've also noticed that some little kids like to carry around these little blast-stick things, which explode like a firecracker when you hit them against the ground.  I hate those things.  They make me want to beat the crap out of the little kids every time they use them.  Especially right next to me.  (It's ironic that someone who dislikes loud noises as much as I do got sent to a country that's POLLUTED WITH NOISE. :P  Sigh...)

In other other news, traditional Filipino Christmas songs are pretty cool.  This December for another musical fireside, we're singing "Christmas in Our Hearts", by Jose Marie Chan.  It'sch pretty schpiffy.

Anyway, I'm outta time now.  We're doing our best to not get discouraged, even when things get tough.  You guys do the same.  :)  Inggatz! :D

Elder David Jones

P.S.  There's something surreal about it still being this warm in November... O.o

P.P.S.  You mentioned something about Dad going in for surgery sometime in November for his arm, right?  Hope that goes well.

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