Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fw: Happy June


Kamuschter!  :D

It's a deal.  I'll send you some sunshine from here once I figure out how to package it... >.>  Don't worry too much about sending rain, though;  there's plenty of it here.  There's never much in-between here in the Philippines:  it's either raining or it's not.  We were walking last Friday, and it was a fairly cool overcast.. Then suddenly there was a woosh, and it was like, "...Here it comes."  And then it was raining.  A lot.  o.o  So we rushed back to the apartment as fast as possible.  Which was a bit more difficult then usual, as the path we normally take was flooded within minutes.  We ended up having to take an alternate route, and we were quite drenched by the time we got back.  We had to take a bit of time to clean up and change clothes, because people aren't likely to let us into their houses when we're dripping wet like that.  We also had to scrub our feet pretty good, because we ended up having to trudge through a bit of floodwater to get back to the apartment, and... that's not just water... D:

Something amusing happened while we were tracting one day.. We walked by one house with a bird in a cage nearby, and as we passed by it, we heard, "Tao po!", which is what you shout as you're knocking on a door.  Literally, it means, "Person!", but it's used to mean, "Hello?  Anyone there?"  Elder Leavitt stopped and said, "...I think that was the bird.  Ok, now we HAVE to knock this door..."  The bird continued with, "Kumain ka na?" (Have you eaten already?), and a cat's meow, among other things.  It was amusing.  When the owner came out, we asked her, "Who taught it to say that?" and she said, "Oh, it just repeats what it hears most.."  And then, on cue, it gave a loud wolf whistle, like how guys sometimes whistle to passing girls.  "Ahem, well, hm...  Repeats what it hears most, huh?  Hmm..." ;)  Apparently, there's a few of those kinds of birds around.  Someone else told a story about how he heard one all the time that said, "Ang pangit mo.  Ang pangit mo."  (You're very ugly).  They're amusing things.

Sister Sheila Famisaran was baptized last Saturday.  This one was particularly special because it was my first that I actually helped teach from the beginning until her baptism.  Her testimony of the Gospel is strong, and I have no doubts she'll stay active in spite of any upcoming trials.  I don't really have time to send pictures for right now, so maybe next week.


Richelle's going to be helping teach a 3DX Max class this summer?  Wow.  Good luck sa iyo!  Also, the marching show for this year sounds interesting (well, actually, I wouldn't know, because I haven't heard it, but by the proposed theme, it sounds interesting).  Also, Richelle, that's kinda how composing works much of the time.  You get some idea stuck in your head, and then you write it down and work it out from there.  Welcome to the world of composition and songwriting.  :D  That's pretty cool.  I can't really help you much from here, though.  But Mr. J's really good with that. He helped me quite a bit with my composing stuff.  You know him, though;  he's super busy, so don't always expect immediate results.. ;)  By the way, try to keep your e-mails a bit shorter so I can have more time to reply...  I only have an hour.. ^^''

Maraming maraming salamat sa package ninyo.  :D You have no idea how good American candy tastes right now.  And cooooooookies.  Om nom nom.  And the Hershey's drink things are pretty tasty, despite Richelle's opinion.  Though, to be honest, my opinion may be a bit skewed just because anything from home tastes amazing to me now.  ^^''  They have American candy here, but it's hugely expensive.  Maraming salamat sa inyo.  The cookies were a bit... crushed... but other than that, everything was fine.  The crumbs are still tasty.  You might consider putting the chocolate chips and the macadamia nuts in separate bags so the crumbs don't mix together.

Anyway, that's all I have time for for now.  Until next week!

Elder David Jones

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