Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fw: Bon Voyage

Hi!  :D

So... Like.  Yeah.  This'll be my last email and stuff...  Cool, huh?  ;P

I started the process of packing my stuff earlier this morning.  It's going to be a bit of a chore, especially washing all of my clothes, especially since I've been hanging out in this apartment since June.  So all my stuff's a bit scattered across the apartment.  :D

We've been working to build the area up, and it's looking pretty strong now.  We've found a number of new investigators through the members that have strong potential.  Sis. Theresa Zamora is just about ready for baptism.  She's been to church four times in a row now.  Bro. Zamora and Sis. Cleofe are now officially active again, meaning they've attended church four weeks in a row.  We've been getting interviews and things taken care of for Trisha Cleofe and John Chris Zamora, both eight, and they're scheduled to be baptized as well on the 24th, along with a few other primary children.  It's a pretty good feeling being able to leave the area strong.  Mostly because I know how it feels to enter an area after a missionary just went home and have no progressing investigators.  :P

Bro. Sam Artates, from P-Que 4th, was baptized last weekend.  He's Sis. Dublan's brother-in-law.  I'm really happy about it, because one of the goals Elder Swainson and I had set a few months ago has been realized.  The Dublan Family and the Artates family (Sis. Marisa, Sam's wife, is a member, but was less-active), have all become active members of the church.  I wasn't in the area to complete the work, but I'm really happy they're all active now.

I felt kinda bad yesterday.  At church, all the members were like, "Hey, Elder, you're leaving on Saturday, right?  You need to come over to our house for dinner!  When are you coming over???"  Our evening schedule for the week quickly filled up, and I felt bad having to tell other members, "Um... actually, our schedule is... completely booked... Sorry..."  D:  There were even a few members from P-Que 4th who wanted to hold family home evenings for the last time before I went home, but I had to say no, just because I would've felt bad if I went and turned down members from Bicutan, where I'm currently assigned, to go visit members from my previous area...  ^^''

A large part of me doesn't feel like I'm leaving yet.  o.o  I don't think it will really fully set in until I'm on the airplane or already at home.  I've been doing missionary work for so long that it's hard for me to imagine doing anything else.  I'm gonna miss the mission a lot, and I'm especially going to miss the Philippines.  The people here are super cool.  I'm also going to miss being able to speak Tagalog to anyone I want.  I'll apologize in advance for not being able to speak English anymore by the time I get home.  :P

In other news, I'm probably gonna add like 150 friends or so to my Facebook when I get home.  ^^'

...And then, of course, there's a few things I'm not going to miss when I get home.  Like the pollution.  And the noise.  And the traffic.  And everyone staring at you as you walk by.  And having people shout "Hey Joe!" or "What's your name?" or other such nonsense at you as you pass by them.  Such things start to get old after a while.  >.>  But other than that, I'll really miss the Philippines.

I finally learned how to cook adobo!  :D  Elder McGowan taught me.  It took me long enough, huh?  ;P

Tell Grandma and Grandpa happy 50th anniversary!  :D :D :D

Also, Happy Birthday, Richelle!  :D :D :D

Tell Bro. George thank you for sending me a topic and stuff so I don't have to just blabber on aimlessly about stuff that happened to me on my mission.  :D

Aaaaaanyway, that's about it.  Siguro magkita na lang tayo sa Sabado.  Kita kitz!  :D  Ingat kayo lagi!  Mahal ko kayo!

With love, and for the last time,
Elder David Jones

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