Monday, July 11, 2011

Fw: Greetings

Hey!  :D
Good to hear that no one died on the Fourth of July!  :D  (Though it sounds like a few people almost did... ^^'' )
Those bikes sound like a lot of fun.  Jealous.  ;P  (I actually wish we had bikes here in the mission.  They would make travel cheaper and easier.  Oh well..)
It's been raining a lot here recently.  You know what's really not fun?  Taking a shower after it's been rainy and cloudy for a long period of time.  I may have mentioned before that no apartments ever have water heaters, and after a period of time where the sun hasn't been out to heat the water up, it makes the water turn FREEZING.  D:  Like taking a shower in ice cubes...
It's been cold in general here.  Which is nice during the day, because it means it's not BLAZING HOT like usual.  But it gets pretty chilly at night.  Especially when all we have for warmth are sheets.  o.o
I went on exchanges with Elder Morris on Thursday (this transfer has been my first time actually being able to go on exchanges with my district since I've been a district leader.  Previously, my districts have all been pure Sisters, so exchanges were pretty well forbidden...  ^^''  I made sure to bring that up in leadership meetings, too:  "Well, I guess I can't really offer many insights on exchanges, since my district is pure Sisters, but I think it's a great idea!"  :D  ).  One of their investigators, Ryan, is really cool.  He understands and accepts the things we teach him, and he really wants to know the truth.  He always has lots of questions--a true investigator.
While we were on exchanges, apparently Claire told Elder Casio that she would be leaving Friday morning to go to Makati for work.  I was pretty sad to hear about it, since she was also a really good investigator.  So it was a pleasant surprise when we visited on Saturday to find she was still there.  "Hey!  Nandito ka pa!"  Apparently, she decided at the last minute not to take the job in Makati.  She'd heard that her boss wasn't a nice person, and her mom didn't want her to go out all the way out to Makati to work.  So now she's staying here instead.  Yaaay!  :D
I'd still like a picture of Aunt Melissa so I can show it to Claire.  She looks a lot like her.
We've also been making a lot of progress with Sister Mona's soon-to-be husband, Hanz (not entirely sure why he has a German name).  They've been living together about 5 or 6 years now, and have two kids, but aren't married yet (which is part of the reason Mona went inactive).  We'll fix that, it'll just take some time.  Hanz went to church yesterday, and enjoyed it pretty well.  Both he and Claire have pretty strong testimonies about the church.  Only a matter of time now.
Rovelyn's coming along alright.  Again, she already has a testimony and wants to get baptized.  She's just scared of what her parents might do if she does get baptized.  We're encouraging her to fast and pray about it.
Anyway, we'll get to meet President Stucki this Wednesday.  I imagine he'll have a much different interviewing style than President Howard did.  We'll see how it goes.
After this email, I get to perform the saddening task of deleting all the songs off my mp3 player that aren't hymns or Mormon Tab.  :(  A few of them I'm justifying, like the Paul Cardall CD, which we bought at the temple, and which has the title of "Sacred Piano," and some of the John Schmidt arrangements of Christmas songs.  The others I'll just have to wait 6 months before I can listen to them again.  Things like Enya and "The Washington Post March" and "The Machines" are kinda hard to classify as "arrangements of hymns."  ;P
I honestly don't really know what I want for my birthday... o.o You already sent me socks, and that was really the only thing I needed.  Just more pictures and candy, mostly.  Sorry, Richelle, I haven't been able to decide what landscape picture I want painted.  I'll try and get one to you next week.
Anyway, that's about it.  Love you all!  Until next week, ingatz!  :D
Elder David Jones


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