Monday, June 20, 2011

Fw: Grads & Dads

Herro!  :D
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, DAD!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D
And congratulations to the other 2011 graduates!  :D
Things have been going pretty well so far over here.  It's been a bit stressful; the first week after a transfer is always stressful.  After I emailed last Wednesday, I asked my companion about the area, and he gave me some disappointing news.  There are no more progressing investigators left in the area.  All the investigators they were teaching got baptized last weekend.  So... There's basically nothing left.  D:  There's one less-active part-member family we've been teaching, but they're pretty less active.  They're the kind of people that go to church if you drop by them and remind them, but otherwise, they don't.  There's also a family that was being taught, but got dropped for a dumb reason.  We went back to them last night and taught them.  They have strong potential, and should not have been dropped before.  There's also an American who's come to church twice now, Wilfred Cox, the husband of a member.  They just moved in about two weeks ago.  One of the members told me that Wilfred is willing to be taught, but doesn't speak Tagalog.  I guess it's a good thing I'm here.  Now I just need to go learn how to speak English again... XD  So there are SOME investigators left... just... Not a lot.
Also distressing is the fact that Elder Sayson, before he went home, had a lot of questions to ask the office about luggage and tickets and whatnot, and so he called them multiple times on Paranaque 4th's cell phone.  The mission currently has a cell phone plan, in which registered numbers can call each other for free.  But the Office Elders, the AP's, President Howard, and all the senior couples, are all not included on that plan.  Meaning that calls to them cost load.  So Sayson ran the cell phone completely out of load, and it was temporarily disconnected.  Then he went home, and I got transferred in.  :P  I haven't been able to call or text anyone for the past 4 or 5 days.  Makes missionary work more difficult.  Especially since, as a district leader, there's certain things I need to call my district about.  Thus I got several phone calls (we can still receive calls and texts, we just can't send them) from the Zone Leader, Elder Leavitt, asking me, "Hey, can you call your district about such-and-such?"  "...No.  Sorry."  >.>  It's been frustrating.  It should be back online tomorrow, though.
The area's HUGE.  D:  You could fit two or three wards in the space of this area...
Elder Casio is pretty cool.  He's a good, hard worker, and he's pretty good at teaching.  He studies really well, so he knows the doctrine.  And he's a pretty easy-going person.  I still miss Elder Gillette, since he was probably my favorite companion so far in my mission, but I like Elder Casio, too.
The members in this area are very supportive as well.  We've been spending a good amount of time just going and meeting them.  A few interesting connections:  the bishop, Bishop Hernandez, is the older brother of Bishop Hernandez back in Pasig 1st (almost everyone in that family is or has been a bishop.  It's weird...  o.o ).  Mommy LeDesma, who was in Paranaque 2nd Ward, is one of the pioneer members of the church here in the Philippines.  She and her husband were the first Filipino couple to get sealed in the temple.  The rest of her family lives here in Paranaque 4th.  The Stake President also lives in this ward, as well as an area seventy.  One thing that's nice is that a lot of the members we've visited are the kind of member that every missionary loves:  the kind of family where even if you just drop by around dinner time without notice, they'll feed you (we try to avoid that, of course, just out of courtesy, but it is nice).  When we went to visit Bishop on Friday, he was on way out, so he told us to just come back on Saturday for lunch.  :D  Kay!  I'm sure I'll get to like this area.
Anyway, about out of time now, so I'll leave it at that.  Love you all!  Ingat kayo lagi!  Happy Father's Day!!  :D
Elder David Jones

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