Monday, May 9, 2011

Fw: Of Baptisms and Sleepovers

Hey!  :D

So I just talked to you yesterday (yesteryesterday for you...), but I do actually have some things to say today.

First of all, for those who were not present during the phone call, the baptism on Saturday was successful.  Jinky Tacuyo, Anita Saquing, and Maria Theresa De la Rosa Gaviola (she hates it when people say her full name.  Drives her nuts.  :D  ) were successfully baptized on May 7, 2011, and confirmed on May 8, 2011.  :D  The baptism was a good, spiritual experience for everyone present.  I was actually really impressed with our ward, especially the ward mission leader.  Makes things much, much easier for the missionaries when the ward takes care of everything for the baptism and the missionaries pretty much just have to show up.  ^^''

As I mentioned in my phone call, Saturday night after the baptism, it suddenly downpoured on us.  We got drenched.  The one day I managed to forget my umbrella... :P

But that wasn't the worst of it...

Yesterday, right after we finished our phone call (boy, it sure cuts off fast, doesn't it?  Just a few warning beeps, and then, BAM!  Wala na!), we went out and taught one appointment, and by the end of that appointment, it was raining hard again.  Like.  Harder than Saturday night.  The roads started to flood immediately, and we had to wade through the floods to get to our next appointment, a dinner appointment with the Suarez family.  Thea, our recent convert, was also there, since she's good friends with the Suarez family.  We had considered abandoning the dinner appointment, but they texted us, saying, "The food's ready.  All we're waiting for is you.  Are you still coming?"  We decided to press through the floods anyway (probably not my best idea in the world...), because we would've felt bad if they had cooked all that food and we ditched them.  So we forged through water, dead animals, and waste for about an hour and a half (there were no jeeps.  The road was completely flooded) to get to their house, and when we got there, we were completely drained.  It takes a lot of energy to wade through floodwaters...  We ended up stranded there after the dinner appointment, because it was getting a bit late, and we just didn't have the energy to plow through the flood waters again to get home.  We called President, and he told us we could stay the night there.  It was technically breaking a few mission rules, since we're not supposed to stay at members' houses at all, especially when there are single women in the same house, but it was a bit of an emergency.  We made sure nothing questionable happened.  It wasn't the most comfortable night's sleep, and I managed to get bit in the eye by a cockroach (that doesn't feel good when you wake up in the morning...  Your eye swells shut and takes a few hours to recover...), but we managed.  We were grateful to the Suarez family for lending us their house for the night.  We managed to get back to the apartment safely the next morning.  All in all, that's not an experience I plan on repeating... :P

At least the food was good.

Anyway, that's about it for this week.  Loff you all!  Ingatz!

Elder David Jones

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