Monday, May 30, 2011

Fw: Auf Wiedershen

Herro!  :D

I'm a bit tired right now.  We just got back from a district activity.  We went to Nayong Pilipino again, the small park near our area.  We hung out and played Filipino games, such as throwing sandals at a can and running around and chasing each other.  It was a good time had by all.

Last week was the one week mission for our ward.  They managed to find 30 referrals for us, so not too bad.  We started looking for them over the weekend.  A good chunk of them we can't find, because the address isn't complete (there's just a street name or for a few, just the phase number), a few of them turned out to be 14-year-old kids who's parents didn't want to have anything to do with us, and some of them just aren't interested, but there's still hope.  Two of them, teenagers, were apparently present when some of the youth gave their message, and so they decided to go to church.  We showed up at church yesterday, and were like, "...Hi!... Who're you...?"  We noted that there weren't any referrals from a certain street, so we asked the youth who were assigned to that street, and they were like, "Noooo, that street's full of snobs!"  Ahahaha... 

Jobelle, our investigator, also participated in the 1-week mission for 2 days.  She's also started attending our ward mission correlation meetings after church.  It's kinda weird, cuz that's where we talk with the ward mission leader and the ward missionaries about all our investigators.  Last week, because she planned on attending the 1-week mission, she stayed after church for the 1-week mission meeting in the other room, and then when that got through, several of our ward missionaries came out from there and went straight to the correlation meeting.  So Jobelle followed them.  There we were sitting and talking about our investigators.  She sat down in the row behind me.  As everyone else filed in, I kinda leaned over to her, pointed at the board where her name was written down, and said, "Um...  We're talking about you..."  "...What?  Why?"  "Your baptism."  "Oh... right."  Then Ryan, the ward mission leader, was like, "Okay, so for those who weren't here, Sister Jobelle will be baptized on June 11th!"  Everyone was like, "YAAAAY!!!"  "...So, Jobelle will become a member now..."  "YAY!!!!!"  "...She'll also be participating in 1-week mission..."  "YAAAAAY!!!"

Yesterday was a pretty good victory.  We got 13 investigators to church.  Three of them we had to go pick up.  Church starts at 8:30, and they live in the farthest point of our area, so we had to leave at like 7 to go pick them up, and then they took their time getting ready once we got there.  It's also been raining, so it was really muddy at their place.  Thus we showed up to church about 5 minutes late with really muddy shoes.  It was a bit embarrassing, especially since I'm the pianist in our ward, and they had already started the opening hymn a capela (or however that's spelled), so I had to go run in, jump on the piano, and sorta catch up.  Ah, well.  Several of our other investigators also came to church, including the Letada family, a less-active, part-member family.  This was their second week coming to church in a long time.  They're a really cool family, real nice, but there were some tragic events that took place in their lives that stopped them from coming to church.  I wasn't really sure if they would ever come back to church.  But they did!  And so far, they've kept coming.  There was another less-active family, the Del Prado family, who I'd never actually managed to talk to until yesterday at church.  We dropped by their house several times during the week, but they were never home--only their little girl would come out and tell us that no one was home.  So their reaction was, "Hey, the missionaries are trying to visit us, but we haven't been home-- so let's just go to church and talk to them!"  o.o  Great!  :D  I kinda wish that worked on every less-active family... ;P  In addition, there were also the two who came to church because of the one-week mission, and then there was one other member who brought a friend from school to church.  Also one of our victories so far is that the three people who were baptized at the beginning of this transfer have still been faithfully going to church since their baptism.

There was a bit of a scare last week about a typhoon that was heading towards Metro Manila, Bagyo Chedeng.  A sudden last-minute shift in wind blew it out of the Philippines, though, so it didn't end up hitting us.  It rained a lot more than normal, though, as it was approaching.  That's one difficult challenge in this area.  It was fine back when it was still the hot season, but now that we're entering the rainy season, every time it rains, we have to stop and think, "Is the place we're headed to going to be completely flooded by the time we get there...?"  It's hard to tell sometimes.  Occasionally, even though we'll have set an appointment in a certain area, we have to back out of it because we're not sure if we can still get to it...  :/  Makes things harder...

I'm quite excited about getting 12 new pairs of socks.  :D  I'll probably get the other package this Wednesday at our interviews with President.  Or, if not, sa transfer day na lang.

The BYU application is finished (finally), so now we just have to wait for the results.  After I typed it up on Wednesday, the site froze up (yaaaaay BYU Website.... :P ), so we thought I would have to type it again.  But apparently it went through okay.

Anyway, at our interviews on Wednesday, we get to find out what'll probably happen to us next transfer.  I've heard rumors I'll probably be transferring, thus somewhat breaking my pattern of getting stuck in a certain area forever.  We'll see what happens.

Anyway, wala nang oras, kaya sa susunod ko na lang kayo susulatan ulit.  :D  Mahal ko kayo!  Ingat kayo lagi!  :D

Elder David Jones

P.S.  I was pretty sure "Auf wiedersehen" meant "goodbye"...  o.O

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