Monday, April 4, 2011

Fw: April already?

Hello po. :D

This has been kind of a long and eventful week.  o.o  But a fun one.

Tuesday morning, we got a text from a recent convert (actually, his wife).  Bro. Henry Davis had been suffering from cancer, and about four weeks ago, two weeks after he got baptized, he was completely bedridden, unable to get up at all.  Elder Gillette was the first to read the text, and didn't quite understand what it meant, but after I read it, I realized what must've happened.  The text read, "Gud am po, Elders.  Wala na po si Bro. Henry, kahapon lang ng umaga." ("Good morning, Elders (text slang.  Nerf nerf nerf).  Bro Henry is gone, just yesterday morning.")  We went over there as soon as we could.  The "In remembrance of..." poster over the entrance to their alleyway confirmed the news.  Elder Gillette probably took it harder than I did, since I'd only met him once, the Saturday night before.  Good thing we'd taken the time that night to visit him when we did.  His time was more limited than we thought.  Sister took it pretty well.  She's not a member, but still took comfort in the things we shared about the Plan of Salvation.  He's resting now, free from pain and sorrow.

On Thursday I managed to catch a cold.  :/  Colds aren't fun.  The work is a lot harder when you're sitting there goobering all over yourself, and your mind's not entirely there.  I'm pretty well recovering now, though, and I've managed to plow my way through it fine.

I love working with Elder Gillette so far.  He's really easygoing, very humble, and really cool to work with.  I'm doing most of the teaching at this point, since he's still new, and his Tagalog is still coming along, but he's doing well in supporting me and helping in planning and helping to learn the area and get to know the investigators and members.  Everything is soooooo much nicer when you get along well with your companion.  :D

I got a text last night from Elder Magbanua.  Mexi Surigao, from my previous area, is finally being baptized on the 16th.  She was finally able to go to church enough times in a row to fulfill the requirements, so now everything is being finalized.  When I got the text, I was like, "YES!!!" :D  It's about time, really.  We've been teaching her for 6 months straight, the whole time I was in Cavite (literally; the first time she was taught was my first day in Cavite), and she's wanted to go to church and be baptized for a long time.  It's just, so many things came in the way, from school projects to Baptist pastors to parents to a boyfriend to whatever random crap, that it's taken this long for her to finally just go to church.  I knew she could do it.  Elder Magbanua said that as she's come the past couple weeks, lots of people fellowshipped her, and yesterday, she came in a dress (as opposed to jeans and a nice t-shirt).  I'm really looking forward to that baptism (It'll be quite a reunion, too.. Elder Sanz will likely be there as well).

Soon after I got that text, I got another one from Elder Magbanua, asking me what the address of one of our recent converts was.  Apparently, they got lost... ^^'' Bahahaha...

Yaaaay, Spring Break!  :D  ... Too bad I don't get Spring Break...  ^^''

Ah, oo, naaalaala (that's a fun word... ^^'' ) ko si Bro. Battrick (if I'm thinking of the right one).  He helped bless the sacrament a few times with us back when I was still a priest.  Tell them I said hi.  :D  Hi!!!!!

We haven't watched General Conference yet.  Next week pa.  :D

Squawky kids are the bane of missionary work.  :P  Our investigators here have lots of them.  Funfunfun...

... >.>  I think I do remember getting an email from Grandma a long time ago... Soooooorrrrrrryyyy!!!  D:  Sometimes I don't always get a chance to reply to everyone, and then I end up forgetting by the next week... :/  I'll make sure to reply next time.

Aaaaaaaaaaanyway, that's about it.  Until next week, ingatz!  :D

Elder David Jones

P.S. I'd send pictures, but I don't entirely trust the computers around here to not cough viruses all over my SD card and delete all my pictures...  >.>  I'll send some as soon as I can.

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